Russian Studies (courses in English)

We offer a wide range of elective courses in the field of Russian  Studies for those who would like to learn more about Russia, gain unique experience and form your own understanding of Russian culture and mentality.

Russian studies
Russian studies
Russian studies

The programs are developed according to the international standards and can be recognized as a period of study abroad.

Whatever your academic background, we will help you find an option that meets your goals and interests.

Language of instruction:  English.

Fall semester:   2-nd week of September – mid-December

Spring semester:  2-nd week of February – mid-May

Possible duration:  from 1 month to 1 year.

Core program:  you can choose up to 3 courses each semester.  We run 3 courses chosen by the maximal number of students, provided there are not less than 5 persons who signed for each course. 

Additional courses:   can be combined with the core program or taken independently from it. Each course is run only upon being chosen by not less than 5 students.

Russian language study: apart from taking the courses in English language, the students are also offered the possibility to learn Russian language to feel more confident in the foreign environment and earn extra ECTS. The number of hours and program options should be discussed with the Program coordinator.

ECTS: you can earn up to 25 ECTS per semester.

Outcomes:  upon successful completion of the program you will get an internationally recognized Certificate proving your new competence and credits received.

Core program. Elective courses for the fall & spring semesters

History of the Russian Art + + 3
Russian History from Kievan Rus to the Revolution + + 3
Contemporary History of Russia: the Communist Phase + + 3
19TH Century Russian Literature + + 3
Contemporary Russian Literature + + 3
Political  Science : Contemporary Russian Life + + 3

Additional courses

Business Communication: Russian Context 2-nd week of September – mid October
2-nd week of February– mid March
Management & Marketing: Russian Сontext Last week of October – mid December 3
International Economic Relations: Russian Сontext Last week of March – mid May 3


Russian studies

Accommodation is offered in the well-equipped, safe and conveniently located dormitories on campus. The terms should be discussed with the Program Coordinator

Application procedure:

Application package includes:

  • application form
  • scanned copy of the international passport
  • jpeg face photo 3*4 cm

The application form can be requested via e-mail from the Program Coordinator. 


Program coordinator:
Program coordinator: