Institute for Military Engineering and Safety Research

Director's Office

The Institute for Military Engineering and Safety Research has rich historical traditions. In 1904, for the first time in Russia, there was introduced a course on safety in the Polytechnic Institute. In 1926 classes on military training for students started. As a structural unit of the University, the Institute was established in 1997 in order to integrate higher military and civil educations.

At the present time the Institute consists of four civil departments: "Civil Protection and Emergency Management", "Occupational and Life Safety", "Extreme Processes in Materials and Explosion Safety", "Fire safety" and three military departments: "Aerospace Forces", "Communication Support", "Motorized Troops" united in the Faculty of Military Training.

The Institute prepares highly qualified specialists to work in managing and engineering positions at the Emergency Situations Ministry, at the divisions of labor protection of enterprises and organizations of the national economy, experts in the field of physical protection at organizations and enterprises of different ownership, experts on the development of fire safety. The Faculty of Military Training provides training of officers, sergeants and reserve soldiers for Aerospace Forces, Communication Troops, Motorized Troops.

The Institute focuses on military-patriotic and educational work among students.