Dmitry Ivanovich Kuznetsov

Dmitry Ivanovich Kuznetsov

Dmitry Ivanovich Kuznetsov

Science degree:
doctor of Philosophy
Science title:
associate Professor

In 1981 Dmitry I. Kuznetsov graduated from the faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.

In 2007 he defended his PhD in social philosophy.

Since 2012 he has headed the Department of Philosophy.

Dmitry I. Kuznetsov wrote more than 80 scientific papers and 3 monographs. He is a member of the Russian Union of Writers, editor-in-chief for St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences), a member of Editorial Boards for a number of international journals. He completed the internship in Spain.

Dr Kuznetsov's area of research interests is philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of education.

Since September 2014 he has been the Vice-rector, press-secretary.