Double Degree PhD Programs

Joining international joint PhD Programs one may take advantage of an excellent prospective to get international experience of joint scientific research and collaboration with overseas skilled researches and PhD candidates, work out and publish joint scientific works in prestigious pertinent journals, and get a PhD degree.

All PhD applicants are required to know Russian language to have studies and scientific works at SPbPU, and English language, as well, to complete internship and studies at a partner-university.

Double Degree PhD Programs
Double Degree PhD Programs
Double Degree PhD Programs

For the last years SPbPU has been cooperating with a significant number of institutions and has been developing partnerships with leading overseas universities. For the purpose of sustaining joint doctoral programs our university has signed four Cooperation Agreements with the following partner universities:

  • Technical University of Berlin (Germany)
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)
  • Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus (Germany)
  • VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • University of Stuttgart (Germany)
  • Leibnitz University of Hannover
  • Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Harbin Engineering University
  • Vrije University Brusse

Joint Doctorate implies cooperation between SPbPU and an overseas university with the aim to fulfill scientific and training activities:

  • joint research project tutoring: each PhD candidate has science tutors from both universities;
  • PhD candidates exchange between partner universities;
  • scientific workshops where PhD candidates should report on intermediate results of research carried out in both universities;
  • joint publishing activities:
  • joint course (on-line course) management according to individual education tracks of PhD candidates;
  • assistance in preparing a PhD thesis in accordance with national legal norms and regulations of both universities;
  • joint thesis defense arrangement

Participation in an international PhD program has distinct features:

  • A professor in a partner university who can be a co-tutor of a PhD thesis
  • A plan of joint scientific work and publishing activity approved by both science tutors of a PhD candidate
  • Mandatory period for a PhD candidate to have training at a partner university
  • Transfer of credits acquired in a partner university
  • A PhD candidate must have a high proficiency level of a foreign language

Upon completion of doctor-level studies at an international joint PhD program a PhD candidate gets a certificate verifying the thesis to be worked out under joint science tutoring of professors from both universities: SPbPU and a partner university.

Thesis defense is conducted according to standards and terms specified in a Cooperation Agreement within the framework of Joint Doctorate and in an Attachment to the Agreement to be worked out for each PhD candidate individually.