Institute of Computer Science and Technology

Glukhov Vladimir Viktorovich

Glukhov Vladimir Viktorovich

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Doctor of Economic Sciences
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The Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST) is established as the successor to the Department of Technical Cybernetics . It comprises IT-branch departments of  the Institute of International Educational Programs and the Institute of State Control and Programming. The Institute graduates developers of modern information technologies, computer equipment and cyber systems . The educational process is founded on the profound training in such areas as modern computing, programming, microelectronics, information security, automatic control systems, system analysis and control, distributed computing and computer networks, information and measuring equipment, environmental monitoring system, computer mathematics and modeling, electronic protection system. Characteristics of the education quality at ICST are as follows: fundamentality, knowledge of modern technology, open learning and access to global information resources, practical skills and secure job after graduation.

In its educational and research activities the Institute cooperates with a number of major domestic and international companies: SPA "Leninist", JSC "Concern " ,NGO  "Aurora", NGO"Impulse", Atmel, Altera Corporation, Motorola, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Siemens, Panasonic and others. Graduates of the Institute are highly experienced specialists .They are able to immediately join the working process of any complexity or they have opportunities to continue their research education.