Alexander V. Ivanov

Alexander V. Ivanov

Alexander V. Ivanov

Science degree:
phD in Economic Sciences
vice-rector for safety and security, associate professor - department «economics and management in power engineering» - Rector’s Office

Alexander V. Ivanov, PhD, graduated from the Mechanical Faculty of Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineering in 1975. Up to 1994, he served in the USSR Military forces and also was a University lecturer. Alexander V. Ivanov worked in various positions at the Ministry of Railways. 

From 1994 till 2004 Alexander was a director of several transport companies and took the upgrading course in the United States. 

From 2004 till 2008 Alexander V. Ivanov took the post of Vice-Rector of North-West State Technical University. 

From 2008 till 2011 he was a director of Moscow Institute of Interdisciplinary Information. In 2011 he became Rector of St.Petersburg Institute of Mechanical Engineering. 

In October, 2012, Alexander Ivanov was appointed Vice-Rector for Distance Learning and part-time education at SPbSPU. In February, 2014, he was appointed Vice-Rector for Civil Security and Emergency Situations at SPbSPU.

From April 2014 until now Alexander V. Ivanov is a Vice-Rector for Safety and Security.