Our City Saint-Petersburg

Enjoy your everyday life and studies in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia
– Saint-Petersburg!

Being the second largest city in Russia, Saint-Petersburg is designated as the Russian ‘cultural capital’ welcoming over 5 million people every year. It was founded by one of the most remarkable emperors ever in Russia – Peter the Great. His wide outlook and vivid reforming policy made the city amazing and unforgettable for many visitors.

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Saint-Petersburg is very close to European borders – just 2.5 hours drive to Finland. And now it is considered to be a steady bridge between Russia and Europe hosting people from all over the world.

There is not enough space to enlist all the advantages of staying in Saint-Petersburg starting with its marvelous architecture and cultural features up to friendly people around. To put you in the picture we may highlight a few best things about Saint-Petersburg as:

  • Great city for sightseeing
  • Brilliant architecture and stunning views to explore
  • Exciting cultural and social life
  • Picturesque surroundings and suburbs to go for a day
  • Magic White Nights in summer
  • Cosmopolitan city

You will be definitively fascinated by our city and fall in love with its romantic spirit!

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Population: over 5 million

Area: about 1 500 sq km.

Climate: moderate and humid.

Average temperature in winter: -10C to -8C; summer: 18C to 20C;

Accommodation: hotels and apartments for rent throughout the city; on-campus dormitories for visiting students.

Restaurants and cafes: Restaurants and cafes can suit different needs and consumption possibilities. One may find a wide range of various national cuisines in different districts of the city.

Shopping: Most fashion shops are located in main streets such as Nevsky, Kamennoostrovskiy and Bolshoy Prospekt. Opening hours may differ from 9-10 am till 7-9 pm.

Places of Interest: There is a plenty of the interesting places to see as inside as outside the city - the Hermitage, St Isaac's Cathedral, the Church on Spilled Blood, Nevsky Prospekt, Mariinsky Theatre, Alexander Nevsky Monastery, SS Peter and Paul Cathedral, Russian Museum, Petergof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk etc. You may find top-20 attractions here (http://www.saint-petersburg.com/top-20-attractions/)

Exploring the Russian Heritage: Language, History, Literature, Economics
Innovative Entrepreneurship

Entertainment: St Petersburg can be considered as a true entertaining city with the large cultural contribution. Here you may enjoy opera, ballet and classical music programmes performed at a high level of proficiency. One may have fun during White Nights Festival having a 19-hours light day in June.

There are about 300 museums, 80 theater and music festivals, 70 theaters and etc.

Transportation: The city offers a variety of efficient and cheap public transport (http://www.saint-petersburg.com/transport/) options:  highly developed network of underground (metro) trains, buses, trolleybuses and trams serving all the main sights in the centre. The most time-efficient way of getting around is a metro (http://www.metro.spb.ru/en/map.html)

Currency exchange: there is a plenty of banks located in the streets of Saint-Petersburg offering a money-exchange service.

Come and enjoy the most charming city ever!