Students' Club

The Students' Club of the Polytechnic University is a structural unit of the SPbPU Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs. The Club aims to enable social adjustment and effective self-fulfillment, and bolster the creative potential of SPbPU students, who will go on to become scientific and engineering elite.

Primary objectives of the SPbPU Students' Club:

  • To enable complete self-fulfillment for SPbPU students
  • To improve the organization of SPbPU students' leisure time
  • To develop and implement initiatives that are socially important for students
  • To support talented young students of SPbPU
  • To develop students' communities and interest groups
  • To establish and preserve historical and cultural traditions of SPbPU students, to form organizational culture
  • To take part in the development of a sociocultural environment and a common information space of the university

For decades, the Students' Club has been uniting numerous creative teams, organizing concerts, festivals, and various competitions. It is currently one of the major students' clubs in St. Petersburg.

The SPbPU Students' Club is a modern environment for young people. One of its features is PRIME: TIME - the area of free communication, where students come to relax in a cozy, friendly atmosphere, drink a cup of tea, learn something new, teach someone something new, or just gain free Internet access or have a chat. We play kicker and board games, watch movies, throw up theme parties, find new friends and have a great time doing it. This is the Students' Club, where every student of the Polytechnic University is welcome.

Design community Lеss

 Student Folk Theatre of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Game club Moku of playing Gou

Over 15 students communities operate and grow within the club, so any student will be able to find something interesting, be it a dance workshop, design community, photo lab, radio or video workshop, theatre, choir, vocal workshop, guitar poetry club, career guidance, etc.

List of Students Communities 

More than 15 Students Communities work and actively develop in SpbPU. Among them any interested student will find something for himself/herself: a dance studio, a design community, a photo lab, a radio studio, a video studio, a theater studio, a choir studio, a vocal studio, an art song club, a career guidance team, and others