International Facts

Number of Agreements with Partner Universities by Location

Australia and Oceania 3
Asia 95
America 29
Africa 6
Europe 209
Total: 342
including strategic partners 10

International Students, Faculty and International Programs (main curriculum)

Total number of international students 4995
Number of international students enrolled on main curriculum programmes 2931
Number of international students on supplementary educational programmes 2064
Total number of international faculty 197

International Faculty

2012 2013 2014 2015
Number of International Faculty 18 25 77 148
Ratio to the Total Number of Faculty 0,7% 1,1% 2,9% 5,9%

International Programs (main curriculum)

Bachelor programmes taught in English  1
Master’s Degree Programs taught in English 20
Double Degree Programs 29
Supplementary International Educational Programs taught in foreign languages (International Semester, Summer Schools) 52
International Students Mobility (inbound/outbound) 636/1067
Number of International Students’ Countries 107

Universities – SPbPU strategic partners

1 Tsinghua University People's Republic of China QS 47
2 Zhejiang University People's Republic of China QS 144
3 Technische Universität Berlin Federal Republic of Germany QS 192
4 Politecnico di Milano Italian Republic QS 229
5 University of Stuttgart Federal Republic of Germany QS 274
6 Leibniz Universität Hannover Federal Republic of Germany QS 289
7 City University London United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland QS 341
8 Universitat Politècnica de València The Kingdom Of Spain QS 421
9 Lappeenranta University of Technology The Republic Of Finland THE 50
10 Graz University of Technology The Republic Of Austria ARWU 151-200
11 Russian-Belarusian University The Republic Of Belarus SPbPU – coordinator
12 Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University The Republic Of Armenia SPbPU – coordinator

External Economic Activity and International Scientific Collaboration

The Number of Foreign Partner Companies 86 companies
including strategic partners 20 companies: Schneider Electric, AIRBUS, UNIQUESOFT, LLC, Boeing Company, BOSCH, Schlumberger Research and Development Inc. , National Instruments Ltd. , INTEL Corp. , General Motors Corporation, ЕМС Corporation (ЕМС2) , Autodesk, FMC Kongsberg Subsea AS, Small and medium Business Corporation (SBC) , LG Electronics Inc. , TSE Technlology Co., Ltd. , Electrolux Home Products Italy S.p.a. , XILINX, EMC Corp. , SAP AG
The Number of Structures Created Jointly with Foreign Partners (specialized scientific, educational, technological and research centers, and research laboratories) 34
including International research and education centers (ISEC) 19
Funding research and project activities (income from foreign sources for 2014) Over 60 million rubles