If you are willing to strengthen and develop your particular knowledge welcome to our postgraduate studies. Students best suited for this course are those who have graduated in the fields related to the programs available provided that they have a Master’s of Science degree or a Specialist’s degree.

Duration of studies – 3 years.
Duration of studies - 4 years without knowledge of Russian language. 

Detailed information about the Admissions procedure is available HERE

You may get to know about the following university’s programs:

Upgrading courses

It is possible to have an internship in different areas of expertise, qualifications and study fields at SPbPU.

Duration of upgrading courses may vary from 1 month up to 2 years.

Doctorate programs

If you want to advance your study beyond master’s degree focusing on practice you are welcome to apply for the doctorate program. This course is intended to provide students with research skills and expertise in their field of studies.

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