Become a Partner

Dear Partner,

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University aims at creating science-driven, technological and innovative environment based on partnership links and enabling to unite the participants’ potential to set relevant objectives and respond to global challenges.

Synergetic effect is achieved on the conditions of mutually beneficial, equal and effective cooperation of the Polytechnic University with academic and industrial partners both from Russia and from other countries.

SPbPU as one of the leading research and educational centers of Russia has significant potential, unique research and experimental equipment as well as an experience in solving a range of fundamental and applied tasks.  

SPbPU welcomes cooperation with academic and industrial partners and is eager and willing to develop joint projects aimed at solving technological and research tasks as well the ones in interdisciplinary fields. Such cooperation can be implemented within the frameworks of either specialized contract or long-term general agreement.  

Support programs for young scientists presuppose partnerships for implementing experimental and research work of Master Degree, PhD students and Postdocs carried out within the frameworks of those partnerships and in the required by the partner themes and directions.

SPbPU implements complex cooperation with industrial companies via the system of International scientific and educational centers (ISEC), established within SPbPU jointly with the relevant industrial partner. The structure of an IREC can include scientific and educational components. It allows creating specialized laboratories, carry out contract research and organize educational programmes and trainings. Please, see more concerning ISEC.

We invite our partners to participate in all kinds of the SPbPU events – scientific seminars, conferences, Week of Science, FabLabPicnik – please, see more about our events

We are looking forward to our future cooperation!