Degree Programs in English

Welcome to international programs in English at Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University!

If you are looking for opportunity to get the most of prospective studies, joining our international undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English is the right step to boost your professional carrier at SPbPU!

Here is the list of key advantages that make our programs beneficial:

  • Studies in English
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Student mobility
  • Double degree options
  • A wide range of areas of expertise
  • Plenty of resources to do a profound research
  • Welcoming and friendly staff and tutors
  • Unforgettable life in the most charming city ever 

Keeping pace with global trends SPbPU welcomes prospective students to have studies in English in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics and Management, IT, Design, and Humanities at different levels with a variety of program types.

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Following our ‘internalization track” we have been growing globally to gain an international image since we do realize ‘Knowledge is Global’!

To prove the title of a true ‘cosmopolitan university’ we’ve launched a wide range of international educational programs and cutting edge projects, expanded international and English-speaking faculty, increased enormously a number of outbound and inbound talented students.

Programs in English

With the aim to deliver the pertinent knowledge and to develop practical skills in the most efficient way the following teaching methods are applied:

Lectures and discussions. A lecturer explores a problem on a relevant topic to be considered and studied in a detailed way. Students are welcome to ask any pertinent questions at the end of a lecture. Lecturers can ask questions upon the information they’ve just delivered in order to involve students into discussion.

Study assignments. This method is implied to orient students to a topic prior to classroom or laboratory work. Students are normally asked to read periodicals or any relevant teaching materials, to do some research work or to exercise for more practice.

Seminars. A lecturer provides general guidance for a group working on an advanced study or research project. This approach is aimed at exchanging information and developing new solutions to problems under study by the group.

Demonstration. This method implies actual performing an operation or doing a job which shows students what to do and how to do it. Students might obtain valuable empirical knowledge in the field of expertise and develop vocational skills.

Scientific research activities and publishing.  These activities imply working in research labs as well as writing scientific articles under a professor’s supervision. Students might get their research and scientific articles published on global citation websites.

Brainstorming and role plays. These approaches make it possible for a lecturer to engage students in teamwork and to stimulate more active participation in order to fix the knowledge acquired during studies.

You will definitively benefit from studies and everyday life in the most beautiful city of Russia!

There is not enough space to enlist all the advantages of staying in Saint-Petersburg starting with its marvelous architecture and cultural features up to friendly people around. To put you in the picture we may highlight a few best things about Saint-Petersburg as:

  • Great city for sightseeing
  • Brilliant architecture and stunning views to explore
  • Exciting cultural and social life
  • Picturesque surroundings and suburbs to go for a day
  • Magic White Nights in summer
Saint-Petersburg night

We highly value and develop the international environment and the cultural diversity that have been created in the Polytechnic University in the city of Saint-Petersburg in close collaboration with our international partners over a period of more than 100 years.

We welcome everyone who would like to study in our smart University and get most of a student's life in our lovely city!