Vision & Values

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University sees its mission in realization of the national policy in the sphere of higher education in the best possible way. One of the directions of this policy is creation of a new economy, i.e., economy of knowledge, leadership, and innovation. The key elements of such economy are highly qualified engineers competent with advanced technologies, capable of solving complex industrial tasks, and willing to propel Russia's economic development to the next level.

The technological needs of the innovative knowledge economy require engineers and technical personnel of new generation, with core competencies in a broad scale of disciplines. Realizing this, Polytechnic University sets the mission to train specialists proficient in global and systems thinking, educated and skilled in specialized knowledge and inter- and multidisciplinary areas, and geared up for continuing education and self-improvement.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is a major Russian technical university with many long-standing high-profile scientific schools; the University has an impressive track record of undisputed achievements in the research, education and innovation spheres. Based on the key global trends in research and development, technology and education, the University targets to join the world's top 100 universities by 2020; thus aligning with the world leaders of education. The ambitious Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 sets exactly this target for Polytechnic University.

The strategic goal of SPbPU is modernization and development of the university turning it into a worldwide competitive research and education center integrating interdisciplinary research and world-class technologies and belonging to the leading group of world universities.


Polytechnic University sees its overall mission both in ensuring its competitive advantages in the national and international markets of educational services and in reliable partnership with the state in the enhancement of Russia's economic capacities and international influence. To do this, it aims to become a globally competitive research and education center, join the world's top universities, make provisions for forward-looking training of new generations of specialists, and play an instrumental role in technological modernization of strategic industries by employing multidisciplinary researches and advanced pan-industry technologies.