International Week of Science

Planning of major university events has become an important part of the development of corporate culture. There are a lot of new tendencies like the expansion of target audiences, promotion, interactivity, participation of top speakers of science and business.

The Week of Science is Polytechnic title forum

The tradition of the Week of Science has been developing over decades, for many years student seminars of various departments have been its core. However, the concept of the conference has been seriously revised and updated for the past few years. Now the “week marathon” has a more debatable character, a variety of formats and guest speakers, rating competitions among the youth.

In 2014 the core event was cross-thematic sections related to the priority areas of science. The idea of the multidisciplinary approach provided, on the one hand, the dialogue between the leading scientists of related fields of science and technology, and, on the other hand, it helped to see the scope of the research work at the university. In 2015 the tradition is continued and the main subject was space.

Picnic in Polytechnic

The Spring Youth Festival has become an alternative to the Winter Week of Science Week, designed to enable the students of the Polytechnic University to fully realize their potential, but with a focus on the academic achievements of students. In addition to youth conferences and engineering seminars, the festival program includes informal intellectual competitions and active cultural program. In recent years, the idea of the youth festival has transformed into a grand-scale "Scientific Picnic" on the territory of the university campus, mainly oriented towards talented schoolchildren, and being the entry point to the Polytechnic University for those who are interested in science. The initiatives presented at the youth festival can be a start of scientific research, and the successful projects of the festival can grow into serious reports for the Week of Science.