Grants and Awards

Results of the contest for Student of the Year Research Award, Post-graduate of the Year Award, Young Researcher of the Year Award

No Name Institute Department Score Result
Young researcher without doctoral degree (Natural Sciences)
1 Ushakov Nikolay Aleksandrovich IPhNT Radiophysics 1305.5 «Young Researcher of the Year" 1st class  diploma
Young researcher without doctoral degree (Engineering Science)
1 Parhomenko Vladimir Andreyevich ICST ICT 554.9 Young Researcher of the Year" 1st class  diploma
Young researcher with PhD (candidate of science) degree (Engineering Science)
1 Drobintsev Pavel Dmitriyevich ICST ICS 775.1 Young Researcher of the Year" 1st class  diploma
2 Miloslavskaya Vera Dmitriyevna ICST DCN 769 2nd class  diploma
3 Konoplev Artem Stanislavovich ICST 768 2nd class  diploma
Young researcher with PhD (candidate of science) degree (Natural Sciences)
1 Linkova Nataliya Sergeyevna IPhNT Medical Physics 959.7 Young Researcher of the Year" 1st class  diploma
2 Litvinov Andrey Nikolayevich IPhNT Theoretical Physics
2nd class  diploma
3 Andreyeva Natalia Vladimirovna IPhNT Physical Electronics 800.3 3d class  diploma
Young researcher with PhD (candidate of science) degree (Humanities and Social Sciences)
1 Lukashevich Nikita Sergeyevich IIEM Entrepreneurship and Commerce 726.8 Young Researcher of the Year" 1st class  diploma
2 Nikiforova Nataliya Vladimirovna IH Philosophy 565.0 2nd class  diploma
3 Tikhonov Dmitry Vladimirovich IIEM Entrepreneurship and Commerce 465 3d class  diploma
Post-graduates  (Engineering and Natural Sciences)
1 Kurushkin Mikhail Vyacheslavovich IMMТ Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 977 «Post-graduate of the Year», 1st class  diplom
2 Balagula Roman Mikhailovich   IPhNT

  Physics of Semiconductors & Nanoelectronics

920 2nd class  diploma
3 Kuraptsev Alexey Sergeyevich IPhNT Quantum Electronics 817 3d class  diploma
Post-graduates   (Humanities and Social Sciences)
1 Zdolnikova Svetlana Vyacheslavovna IIEM EMME 520.7 «Post-graduate of the Year», 1st class  diplom
2 Plotnikova Yekaterina Vasilyevna IIEM 362.4 2nd class  diploma
Undergraduate students (Engineering and Natural Sciences)
1 Baklanov Alexandr Vladimirovich IPhNT Experimental Physics 838.0 «Undergraduate student of the Year», 1st class diploma
2 Vologdin Vasiliy Aleksandrovich IPhNT Quantum Electronics 799.9 2nd class  diploma
3 Pertseva Olga Sergeyevna ICE

Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures

763.8 3d class  diploma
Undergraduate students (Humanities and Social Sciences)
1 Shadrina Valeriya Valeriyevna IIEM IGSM 425 «Undergraduate student of the Year», 1st class diploma
2 Kravchenko Valentina Vitalyevna IIEM 388,0 2nd class  diploma
3 Vorobyova Kristina Viktorovna IH

Foreign Language Teaching and Translation                    

334,0 3d class  diploma

The prize list of the 2015 grant competition among undergraduate students of Saint Petersburg universities and post-graduates of Saint Petersburg universities, industrial and academic institutes

No Status Name Project's title
1 Post-graduate Aliabyev Aleksey Yuryevich Development of promising unipolar transistors with the use of Atomic Layer Deposition technology
2 Post-graduate Belyaev Nikolay Aleksandrovich Improvement of models and techniques for adequacy analysis of electric power systems
3 Post-graduate Bondarenko Ekaterina Anatolyevna Indices for environmental monitoring of urban rivers
4 Post-graduate Brazgina Olga Vladimirovna Research and modelling of saturated poroelastic media
5 Post-graduate Vanina Polina Yuryevna Effects of applied electric fields on critical scattering in monocrystals  of Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6
6 Post-graduate Vasilyev Vladimir Borisovich Developing and research on algorithms for experimental video data compression of electro optical measurement system of a dilatometer
7 Post-graduate Verguentyev Tikhon Yuryevich Developing and creating tools for monocrystal diffraction in situ in order to study processes of domain engineering in materials at the morphotropic phase boundary
8 Post-graduate Vorontsova Darya Nikolayevna Study of adaptation mechanisms of CRISPR/Cas I-F in bacteria immune systems
9 Post-graduate Vylegzhanina Karina Dmitriyevna Applying the software defined network paradigm for IoT software development
10 Post-graduate Drozdov Aleksandr Alexandrovich Development of engineering computing method for centrifugal compressor cascades and specification of guidelines for their design with numerical methods
11 Post-graduate Zhazhkov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Method of bioenergetic resources management of SDW disposal sites
12 Post-graduate Zhemkov Vladimir Andreyevich Structural approach to the development of new medications for Huntington's disease
13 Post-graduate Zavyalov Sergey Viktorovich Improving spectral efficiency  of non-orthogonal multiple frequency signals
14 Post-graduate Zudov Roman Igorevich Development and research on design concepts of high-efficiency pulse power amplifiers for HF radio transmitters
15 Post-graduate Ivanov Ivan Olegovich Research on mechanisms of electrodynamic destruction of electrodes in metalized film capacitors
16 Post-graduate Igolkina Anna Andreyevna Mathematical modelling of correlations in gene network with mTOR pathway for intact and schizophrenic patients
17 Post-graduate Kondratyeva Anastasia Sergeyevna Peculiarities of CVD layers of nickel oxide
18 Post-graduate Kravets Aleksandr Sergeyevich Synthesis of algorithms for managing systems with distributed parameters with the mobile energy source
19 Post-graduate Krivokora Ivan Yuryevich Developing techniques for test generation based on model checking verification technique
20 Post-graduate Kurushkin Mikhail Vyacheslavovich Study on internal defects of diamonds
21 Post-graduate Kurts Valentina Valeryevna Creating mobility plan for traffic simulation based on Yandex.Traffic service data
22 Post-graduate Lavrova Darya Sergeyevna Detecting and investigating security incidents within the the Internet of Things (IoT)
23 Post-graduate Maystro Aleksey Sergeyevich Development of welding materials with microstructure complex modifiers for oil-and-gas pipeline welding in Arctic conditions
24 Post-graduate Manyak Ivan Sergeyevich Developing the mechanical strength model of plastic, reinforced with chopped carbon fibers
25 Post-graduate Marenina Lyubov Nikolayevna Studying and improving fixed elements of centrifugal stages and simulation of wind tunnel with ANSYS CFX software
26 Post-graduate Muravyova Svetlana Vyacheslavovna Tools for estimating innovative potential of integrated industrial structures
27 Post-graduate Nozdrin Sergey Anatolyevich Stand design for studying techniques of planning and controlling hyper redundant manipulator motion in the limited space of external and internal geometric parameters
28 Post-graduate Orlova Irina Gennadyevna Predicting cast structure of carbon and low-alloyed steel by computer simulation of its successive crystallization
29 Post-graduate Pavlenko Evgeniy Yuryevich Use of Software Defined Network technology for constructing adaptive deception system
30 Post-graduate Pavlov Vladimir Vladimirovich Energy analyzing high-aperture systems for electronic spectroscopy
31 Post-graduate Pelevin Nikita Aleksandrovich Simulation and research on dynamics of heavy machine spindle units while tracking energy processes
32 Post-graduate Petrov Aleksandr Anatolyevich Frequency converter for cesium atomic clock
33 Post-graduate Rudenskaya Mariya Vladimirovna Plasma ceramic microcomposites and layered composites with amorphous crystalline structure are new materials for modern machinery
34 Post-graduate Sebelev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Developing methods of low-emission turbines optimal design for working media
35 Post-graduate Simanova Natalya Vladimirovna Eurasian turnaround in modern sociocultural communications in higher education
36 Post-graduate Terentyev Aleksey Borisovich Increasing time resolution of echocardiographic imaging
37 Post-graduate Tsoy Anna Sergeyevna New model of turbulent flame local extinction and its use for firefighting simulation
38 Post-graduate Chalaya Inna Sergeyevna Entry of small business into import-substituting market
39 Post-graduate Chernenko Kirill Aleksandrovich Research on charge carrier traps in scintillation ceramics of zinc oxide
40 Post-graduate Chernova Anna Vladimirovna Technique to substantiate parameters of wind-power and hydroelectric generating autonomous energy complex
41 Post-graduate Sharaya Antonina Aleksandrovna Transport mechatronic system for mobility impaired people
42 Post-graduate

Shemet Mikhail Vyacheslavovich

Experimental research on single barrier discharge in short air gaps
43 Post-graduate Shlychkova Darita Maksimovna Research on properties and usage of structured steel sandwich panels in building
44 Undergraduate student Arkhipova Tatyana Anatolyevna Developing proposals for further employment of university graduates who major in organizing state and municipal management in tourism
45 Undergraduate student Bashkatov Aleksandr Vladimirovich Hydrodynamics and heat exchange of circular cylinder: PIV – diagnostics and thermometry
46 Undergraduate student Belokopytova Elizaveta Andreyevna Developing techniques for improving storage system efficiency and genomic data management
47 Undergraduate student Bukunov Aleksandr Sergeyevich Strategy of developing the interactive research center and its entry into Saint Petersburg market
48 Undergraduate student Bulacheva Larisa Vladimirovna Developing guidelines for sustainable development of monoprofile town of Olenegorsk
49 Undergraduate student Bulkina Elena Aleksandrovna Solution to the inverse problem of dynamic process stability in technical systems with uncertain parameters and its application
50 Undergraduate student Vanyushkina Valentina Vladimirovna Research on vibrations of carbon nanostructures
51 Undergraduate student Vasilyev Aleksandr Mikhailovich Developing automated work stations for testing analog electronic components based on КДК-ТМ
52 Undergraduate student Vologdin Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Analysis of liquid media streams by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and scattered laser light
53 Undergraduate student Vorobyeva Evgeniya Sergeyevna Estimating efficiency of domestic waste recycling project in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region
54 Undergraduate student Vorobyeva Kristina Viktorovna Internet resources as means to improve resilience among contemporary youth
55 Undergraduate student Gavrilov Ivan Sergeyevich Research on accuracy of strain recovery in an object by means of stereoscopic system at different object's distances
56 Undergraduate student Gainullina Anastasia Nailyevna Role of Sigma-1 receptor in pathogenesis of Huntington's disease
57 Undergraduate student Goncharova Tatyana Konstantinovna Increasing effectiveness of data transmission system based on embedding algorithms in digital audio files by using discrete cosine transform
58 Undergraduate student Gorbunov Stanislav Anatolyevich Development of clearing bank policy  during economic crisis
59 Undergraduate student Davydov Roman Vadimovich Research on laser ablation of different metals in air and water
60 Undergraduate student Demidova Ekaterina Olegovna Distinctive features of pricing model application on the capital market
61 Undergraduate student Evstafyev Aleksandr Viktorovich Use of unsteady exchange disturbance theory to atomic particle scattering problems
62 Undergraduate student Egorov Artem Timurovich Creating the information system of sociological studies on the Internet
63 Undergraduate student Elistratova Marina Anatolyevna Investigating X-radiation impact on a fullerene composite film
64 Undergraduate student Efremova Viktoria Nikolayevna Express-monitoring of liquid and viscous media with a compact nuclear magnetic spectrometer
65 Undergraduate student Zhabenko Ilona Dmitriyevna PR in international activities of an organization (exemplified by the Worldwide Club of St. Petersburgers)
66 Undergraduate student Zheleznov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Developing techniques for designing multirotor UAVs
67 Undergraduate student Zholudeva Olga Igorevna Improving the state regulatory system in the area of water governance exemplified by the territory of Saint Petersburg
68 Undergraduate student Zagainova Anna Andreyevna Analyzing and forecasting economic relations development between Russia and Northern European countries exemplified by Finland
69 Undergraduate student Zasimova Marina Aleksandrovna Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow around a cylinder at moderate Reynolds numbers: distinctive features of using low-dissipative numerical systems for calculating convective flows
70 Undergraduate student Zakharov Sergey Vladimirovich Technology of plasma electrolytic polishing of irregular hole surfaces
71 Undergraduate student Zotov Maksim Borisovich Development and measurement of key parameters for the RT-70 radio telescope reception system in the mode of its collaboration with the “Quazar” radiointerferometrical complex
72 Undergraduate student Ivanova Olga Sergeyevna Innovative projects selection process improvement
73 Undergraduate student Kalinina Svetlana Igorevna Edutainment in teaching English as a foreign language (on the example of elementary grades)
74 Undergraduate student Karseyev Anton Yurievich Nuclear magnetic flow-relaxometers to control the operation of nuclear power station contour cooling system
75 Undergraduate student Kokovina Ekaterina Sergeyevna Turbulent burning and gasification in the joint numerical modeling for condensed combustible materials when forecasting dynamics of the fire
76 Undergraduate student Kononov Ivan Yurievich Improvement of hot volume stamping and sheet moulding design on the basis of 3D-printer application
77 Undergraduate student Koshelev Kirill Leonidovich The operated semiconductor metamaterial
78 Undergraduate student Ksenofontov Mikhail Pavlovich Technique of a carrier wave loss condition for the automation of network software testing
79 Undergraduate student Labunsky Aleksey Aleksandrovich Research and choice of the rational options to deliver the protection means to the areas of the radioactive pollution after an accident on the Leningrad NPP on the basis of the transportation problem solution
80 Undergraduate student Mazlin Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich The development of laser prototypes on the basis of Tamm plasmons
81 Undergraduate student Markvart Alexander Aleksandrovich Noise compensation in the micromovement sensor on the basis of  Fabri-Perot’s interferometer with the use of the basic interferometer
82 Undergraduate student Milyuchenko Maria Valeryevna Methods and stages of strategic planning
83 Undergraduate student Moskalets Artem Anatoliyevich Research of the turbine blade fluctuations on the basis of one-dimensional rod models
84 Undergraduate student Nedrishkin Oleg Vyacheslavovich Damage decrease methods in the accidents in the fuel and energy complex
85 Undergraduate student Oborin Evgeny Aleksandrovich Flat spring balance stability
86 Undergraduate student Ognev Maksim Sergeyevich Raw materials and igneous metallurgy semi-products dearsenation with the subsequent arsenic neutralization
87 Undergraduate student Olekhno Nikita Andreyevich Research of plasmonic resonances in the metal-semiconductor nanocomposites
88 Undergraduate student Pertseva Olga Nikolayevna Accuracy assessment of the cement frost resistance determination express method 
89 Undergraduate student Petrov Alexander Victorovich The reduction of the modal noise in the multimode fiber caused by the laser radiation frequency fluctuations
90 Undergraduate student Pigova Anna Andreyevna The Russian Federation real estate cadastral tender assessment
91 Undergraduate student Popko Viktor Vladimirovich Three-dimensional parametrical windfarm modeling
92 Undergraduate student Presnyakov Roman Andreyevich The changes in the Russian Federation migration legislation
93 Undergraduate student Rodina Natalya Pavlovna Research of specific fluorescent probe’s photophysical properties in the formation of thioflavin-T amyloid fibrils in the conditions of a macromolecular crouding
94 Undergraduate student Royev Artem Anatoliyevich Ultrawide band feed for a telescopes of small antennas radio interferometric network
95 Undergraduate student Rybalko Dmitry Aleksandrovich Modulation of the light intersubband absorption in the tunnel-connected wells of GaAs/AlGaAs with a cross field
96 Undergraduate student Savchuk Daniil Aleksandrovich Signposts recognition
97 Undergraduate student Sagitov Eduard Anvarovich Research of the possibility of improving the characteristics of small-size precision of quantum frequency standards on the edge of the microwave resonance in alkali laser pumped metal vapor
98 Undergraduate student Soboleva Ksenia Kirillovna Research of semiconductor laser radiation and biological objects with the help of optical manipulation
99 Undergraduate student Soldatova Ekaterina Leonidovna Comparative analysis of the textile branch development dynamics in Russia
100 Undergraduate student Solomakha Georgy Alekseyevich Waveguide slot arrays with an electron beam control
101 Undergraduate student Starygina Anna Leonidovna Nature sanctuary of regional significance “Sergiyevka Park” current condition assessment
102 Undergraduate student Sytova Elizaveta Alekseyevna Research into the tearing mode in the edge plasma of modern tokamaks and tokamak reactors being designed
103 Undergraduate student Tabakova Anastasia Stanislavovna Raising the operational efficiency of heating networks as an element of the university energo management system
104 Undergraduate student Tararoyeva Ekaterina Sergeyevna Economic modeling as a way to examine and assess the results of managerial decision making at small business enterprises
105 Undergraduate student Tikhoplav Vitaliy Yuryevich Heterogeneity of rat hepatocyte mitochondria
106 Undergraduate student Tuchkov Andrey Sergeyevich Developing a method to synchronize reference clocks of multiprotocol cyber objects
107 Undergraduate student Khazieva Lina Fakhimovna Comparison of methods for nonlinear analysis in software systems in the context of the transverse-longitudinal beam bending task
108 Undergraduate student Tsimko Tatiana Anatolyevna Determining the appropriate cutting parameters for titanium alloys in aircraft engine building
109 Undergraduate student Chembulatova Alfia Rushanovna Enhancing the government regulation of tour operator activities
110 Undergraduate student Cherepaninets Evgenia Dmitriyevna Reference data unification in the corporate information system on the SAP platform (versions SAP 4.7 and SAP 6.0) of Gazprom Neft PJSC
111 Undergraduate student Chekhovich Irina Aleksandrovna Building the image of Russia in the European press during the 2013-2015 period, linguistic analysis (German language materials)
112 Undergraduate student Shaveshova Yana Nomoyevna Developing mechanisms for state HR policies in health care: evidence from Saint-Petersburg
113 Undergraduate student Sharova Natalya Vladimirovna Fiber-optic target simulator for the control of radiolocation stations
114 Undergraduate student Shegeda Natalia Eduardovna Proposal development for codified regulatory legal act «Code on the safety of people, society and state»
115 Undergraduate student Shostak Ekaterina Vladimirovna Method of weakly interfering dynamic stereotypization in teaching Spanish

2015 results of the contest for subsidies among the young researchers and recent PhD graduates of Saint-Petersburg higher education institutions, industrial and academic training centers

Recent PhD graduates 

Full Name Project Name
97 Soldatova Kristina Valeryevna Improving engineering calculation methods for centrifugal compressors in the oil and gas industry

List of the winners of the 2015 contest for subsidies among the young researchers and recent PhD graduates of Saint-Petersburg higher education institutions, industrial and academic training centers

Young researchers

Name Branch of Science Project's title
2 Moshkov Andrey Aleksandrovich 06. Economics  Economic Sciences Cluster innovation potential as a tool to develop the industrial policy of a metropolitan city: evidence from Saint-Petersburg
3 Novikov Alexander Olegovich 06. Economics Research and assessment of the integrated industrial structures as an instrument of an industrial economy innovative development
8 Miloslavskaya Vera Dmitrievna 28. Cybernetics Various length error correcting codes development on the basis of polar codes for the telecommunication systems
9 Parkhomenko Vladimir Andreevich 28. Cybernetics Development of the performance assessment system of  engineering students training on the basis of the closed sets
22 Yashin Alexander Yurievich 29. Physics Development of a diagnostics complex to research the sound waves in plasma of the Globus-M spherical tokamak
45 Osmanov Victor Victorovich 44. Power Engineering Furnace thermometry based on the thermal stream gradient sensors
47 Fadeev Dmitry Kantovich 47.  Electronics and Radio Engineering Intensification of non-orthogonal multi-frequency SEFDM signals transmission in the prospective communication system of the fifth 5G generation
50 Somonov Vladislav Valerievich 55. Mechanical Engineering Development of the laser-wind welding by the nonconsumable electrode added to the OT4 titanium alloys filler wire

Recent PhD graduates

Name Branch of Science Project's title
6 Rudskaya Irina Andreyevna 06. Economics Development of the interaction strategy between regional innovation system elements for the development of import substitution program in Saint-Petersburg high-tech enterprises and organizations
23 Vasetskaya Natalia Olegovna 29. Physics Research of the graphene information properties for information transfer in the optical range of spectrum
33 Martynova Olga Aleksandrovna 29. Physics Power spectrum genesis in the high-temperature superconductors and normal condition parameters influence mechanisms on the critical temperature value
44 Gritskevich Mikhail Sergeyevich 30. Mechanics Features of zonal RANS-LES approaches application for the turbulent heat-mass transfer calculation in power generating system elements
46 Baryshnikova Marina Vladimirovna 31. Chemistry Development of the method of nanostructured titanium dioxide biocompatible coatings formation
51 Rychkov Georgy Nikolayevich 31. Chemistry New bacteriochlorophyll derivates as sensitizers for malignant tumors in  photodynamic therapy
68 Verbova Natalia Mikhailovna 44. Power Engineering Power active filter control system development for ensuring energy conservation and efficiency in the economy of St. Petersburg in the structures of the systems of reactive power compensation in electrical complexes and systems
72 Rashich Andrey Valeryevich 47. Electronics and Radio Engineering Multifrequency signals transmission efficiency in 5G communication systems
74 Drobintsev Pavel Dmitriyevich 50. Automation and Computer Engineering Development of safe software creative technology under the customer control
97 Soldatova Kristina Valeryevna 55. Mechanical Engineering Improvement of engineering methods of centrifugal compressors calculation in oil and gas industry
115 Zemlyakov Evgeny Vyacheslavovich 81.Common and complex problems of technical and applied sciences and branches of a national economy Research of the molten pool dynamics with laser direct cultivation of products made of heat resisting alloys
116 Klimova Olga Gennadiyevna 81. Common and complex problems of technical and applied sciences and branches of a national economy Research of the laser direct cultivation technological parameters influence on the microstructure of nickel-based products made of heat-resistant alloys