International Polytechnic Week

International Polytechnic Week - 2019

“Sustainable partnership via Students’ Project Marathons”

Dates: May 20-26, 2019

Coordinator of the IPW-2019 – Lana Kalikina, International Academic Cooperation Department,

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International Polytechnic Week - 2019

Every year Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University hosts our partners from all over the globe and provides opportunities for networking where we all set up new goals, encourage scientists and students to new achievements and strive for expending horizons in scientific and educational activities.

We are open to new ideas and proposals for cooperation, ready to share our knowledge and innovative practices of successful collaborations, and looking forward to streamlining our competencies in varied spheres of science, education and business.

Annually more than 200 participants from all over the world are engaged in the International Forum “International Polytechnic Week”. This event is essential for us as it helps raise brand awareness, enhance competitiveness and prestige of the university. We are proud to claim that the annual number of international students at Polytech is growing, more and more visiting professors from the world’s leading universities give lectures here, new international educational programs and courses are developed. SPbPU is constantly working at boosting cooperation with partner universities and companies, and we hope that this International Forum would be rewarding and fruitful with the new ideas, research projects and collaboration outcomes.

The main goal of the IPW is to create an international platform for sharing knowledge and experience between the world's leading universities for sustainable development and strengthening competitiveness of partner universities.

IPW has become an excellent practice of attracting new partners and is the main annual international event of the Polytechnic University.

Among all, traditionally the IPW is held at the end of May - the famous period of White Nights in St. Petersburg, which has already become a calling card of our city, as well as of the International Polytechnic Week. It provides an opportunity to our guests to get acquainted with the culture of the city and to see St. Petersburg in all its glory.


Partner days, Education fair, thematic conferences and workshops, as well as student festivals, forums and competitions are constantly held during the IPW. In addition to the main events, bilateral meetings with partners and various lectures for Polytech students are held. Undoubtedly, cultural events that involve acquaintance with St. Petersburg (city tours, boat trips etc.) are always an essential part of IPW program.

All the IPW activities are traditionally divided into three main areas for different groups of participants:

  • Representatives of foreign universities (international officies) and companies;
  • Representatives of Russian academic society;
  • Students