Campus map

We recommend using the St. Petersburg metro for visiting our university for the first time. The central part of the campus of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (29 Polytechnicheskaya Str.) is located at the Polytechnicheskaya metro station. The building complex of the Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Medical Physics of the Institute of Biomedical Systems and Biotechnology, Higher School of Foreign Languages and Higher School of Social Sciences of the Institute of Humanities are located at the Ploshchad Muzhestva metro station. The educational building of the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade (Novorossiyskaya Str., 50) can also be reached from the Ploschad Muzhestva metro station. The structural subdivisions of the Higher School of International Educational Programs are located in educational buildings located between the Polytechnicheskaya and Akademicheskaya metro stations. Complexes of student dormitories are located near the metro stations Lesnaya, Ploschad Muzhestva and Akademicheskaya.