Centre for International Credential Evaluation

Who we are:

Centre for International Credential Evaluation is a structural subdivision of International Education Department of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, which acts upon the Order of Rector # 971 of October 14, 2014.

What we do:

Main fields of our activities are: international credential evaluation for academic and professional purposes; issue of Diploma Supplement and Transcript in English.

According to the Russian legislation, as a national research university, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has the right to recognize international qualifications by itself. Therefore, our international students and employees are not required to receive Certificate of Recognition issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science in Moscow. It makes the procedure of recognition of international qualifications more convenient.

What we offer:

  • International credential evaluation for academic and professional purposes (for international students and employees to be able to continue education and professional activity) and determining equivalence between foreign level of education and Russian one;
  • Conversion of grades from foreign grading scale into Russian grading scale;
  • Transfer of workload from foreign credit system into Russian academic hours/units;
  • Issue of Diploma Supplement for Russian and international graduates of the university;
  • Issue of Transcript in English, which includes a list of disciplines studied, grades, and transfer of workload into ECTS.

Other activities of the Centre include:

  • Organization of seminars, workshops, internships for employees of international and educational divisions of Russian HEIs on the topic of recognition of international qualifications and ensuring recognition of Russian diplomas abroad;
  • Collection, generalization and analysis of information on world’s experience in the sphere of international credential evaluation;
  • Research on modern trends and approaches in the sphere of recognition of international qualifications for academic and professional purposes;
  • Adaptation of foreign practices to Russian reality and implementation of the best ideas in the practice of Russian HEIs;
  • Consultation on recognition of international qualifications in Russia and Russian diplomas abroad for natural and legal persons (educational institutions, Russian and foreign companies).

For further information on international credential evaluation, issue of the Diploma Supplement and Transcript and other questions, please visit our web-site.

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