Students’ Testimonials

Marco Lopez, Venezuela (Master’s program “Civil Engineering”)
I see myself and see Russian people, and cannot avoid thinking, how alike they are to me. They seem to show with their eyes the same feelings that I bring from so far, and as different as their culture may be to mine, in the eyes of many people here i see many wishes that i also have. It is good to see myself so far away from home. I have found friends of another religion that have become like my brothers. In the case of my lecturers, i have been taught in a certain philosophical way, as if they were me, trying to teach myself, with as much concern for truth, and as much kindness and patience as can be had for a true friend, and i have been helped by them as if i was being helped by my own family. The greatest example of this is - my program coordinator, Ms. Marina Petrochenko. From the first day i communicated with her, she has had nothing but good will. My mother would certainly be in her debt, and her kindness and help will make a positive infuence on the rest of my life.
Yalım Alpaslan, Turkey (Master’s program “Power Plant Engineering”)
After thorough introspection of my strengths and interests; I have concluded that a program that has been developed to train highly qualified professionals to design, operate and maintain power plants is the most appropriate choice for me. This program provides us to be a multiskilled and specialist engineers. Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to build a business mindset by have an internship in the leading Russian energy companies and technical tours to the near industrial facilities and power plants. Besides al of these, I have also tried to broaden my horizon socially by discovering romantic St.Petersburg. After ferreting out the secret of Russian Language, it’s wonderful place to live in.
Vishal Kotwal, India (Master’s program “Energy Technology”)
It has been a dream come true for me to have joined the Polytechnic University for my Masters course. The initial orientation period was well organised and everything from Boarding / Lodging, facilities and other amenities have been of international standards. The Professors / lecturers have been very professional and core subjects have been adequately covered in the first semester. Special emphasis was paid towards assignments / practical tasks, which were designed to make us apply ourselves and enhance the level of our understanding. Further, it has been a great opportunity to interact with students of various nationalities at a personal and academic level.