Students’ Testimonials

Dmitrii PAUTOV
Dmitrii PAUTOV, (International Master’s Program "Energy technology”)
After defensing of the bachelor thesis, I was convinced that power engineering is very interesting for me and I decided to continue the studying in this field. When I read the brochure about the master’s degree program, my eyes lit up and I accepted this challenge. I had only one concern and it was English language but my classmates created warm atmosphere inside of our group and through a couple of weeks I did not have any problems with it.
During the first semester we got interesting interactive tasks and lectures from Russian and foreign lecturers. The second semester I spent in a partner university – Leibniz Hannover University at the Institute of the turbomachinery and fluid dynamics, where we did a project together with German PhD students. Every participant was highly motivated and we got good results and published paper in the European Turbomachinery Conference. My master thesis was based on these results.
After one semester in Hannover, I was intern at Siemens company in Saint-Petersburg during 5 weeks and afterwards Siemens gave me a job offer as junior design engineer in the rotor department. Now I am working at Siemens company as a design engineer of the rotor parts of gas turbines. I want to say many thanks to all professors, teachers and people which taught, supported and helped me in the university.
Zakaria BABAOUSMAIL, (International Master’s Program "Energy technology”)
I had chance to go study in Ukraine, France and USA, but for me it was easy to go study in Russia, because procedures here in my country are easy compared to other countries, and also Russian study fees are acceptable.
In the university, I wrote my Master’s thesis which was about Integrated Solar Combined-Cycle Power Plant on Base of Gas Turbine (ISCC). I remember almost every moment in the university, because it was a great opportunity for me, starting from first day when I arrived. So these studies years really were unforgettable for me. There were little communication problems in the beginning, but later new friends there helped me. There are a lot of internship opportunities: I had training for solar panel montage and participated in some fairs of renewable energy.
I think coming to Russia for study is really worth it because you get to know new people, new cultures, as there are so many different ethnicities in Russia. The Russian culture is very rich, and Russians are very nice people. I recommend this wonderful experience, because it really deserves it.
Guo MINGYUAN, (International Master’s Program "Energy technology”)
I spent a long time to arrive in Russia, it’s not an easy journey, but I like Russian culture and scenery, so I decided to go.
Many courses have left a deep impression on me, such as excellent teachers, high-level skills, a pleasant learning atmosphere and writing my master thesis about how to optimize the inlet chamber of the centrifugal compressor.
In the future maybe I will continue my doctoral education. Sometimes I met some communication problems with local people, so my advice to foreigners is that you should better learn some Russian.
Archit BAGAL, (International Master’s Program "Energy technology”)
I will always remember the beautiful Polytechnic university campus and the library! And how exciting it was to write my master’s thesis on Gas Turbines. I wanted to experience the winter and the culture, that is why I’ve come to Russia.
After graduation I will take this experience of living in Russia and learn from it. Initially I had communication difficulties, but I made an effort to learn Russian and it became much easier. My advice is that learning the language is important to experience the Russian way of life.
Kaveh RAHMANI , (International Master’s Program "Energy technology”)
It was easy and interesting to come to Russia because it is easy to apply, easy to get scholarship, easy to get visa and there are high quality facilities. SPbPU has very high quality theoretical system that helped me a lot with creating my master’s thesis about Application of Materials in Energy Technology. After graduation my goal is to get my PhD. There were a lot of exciting things during the study: good friends, good system, high quality education, very high international relation with other universities around the world.
Luybov GILEVA, Russia (International Master’s Program "Energy technology”)
I love Russia, that is why I decided to continue my studies here, despite of other opportunities. The most exciting things were internship in Germany and writing master’s thesis about the Design of a two-stage aviation type centrifugal compressor. Now I am going to apply and get PhD degree. My advice for all students is to enjoy every day of your studies!
Vishal Kotwal
Vishal Kotwal, India (Master’s program “Energy Technology”)
It has been a dream come true for me to have joined the Polytechnic University for my Masters course. The initial orientation period was well organised and everything from Boarding / Lodging, facilities and other amenities have been of international standards. The Professors / lecturers have been very professional and core subjects have been adequately covered in the first semester. Special emphasis was paid towards assignments / practical tasks, which were designed to make us apply ourselves and enhance the level of our understanding. Further, it has been a great opportunity to interact with students of various nationalities at a personal and academic level.