Students’ Testimonials

Raphael GHERMAN, (International Master’s Program “Smart Nanostructures and Condensed Matter Physics”)
One day I realised that I want to go study abroad. And it was not difficult for me to make a choice. Russia is a mysterious country for European people, it is not Asia but the culture is far enough from the occidental one. Moreover it's a luck to go to Russia because it is not a country that our parents or grandparents could have visited… It was not easy to dare to Russia from the faraway.

I will remember a lot from this adventure: courses, sport, parties, student's life, good times but hard work. And very useful class researchers. My Master’s degree thesis is not finished yet and it’s dedicated to material science. Polytech has everything for me: new laboratories, professional teachers and useful courses.
Now, I’m going to finish my engineering school in France and do a PhD, I want to work in education after that.
And also, as an advise for international students I would say: Don’t be afraid and plan a lot of travel in the country. It is a regret for me that I had to return back without seeing any other place except St. Petersburg.