Students’ Testimonials

Jose BONIVENTO, Columbia (International Master’s Program “Energy efficient and sustainable building”)
Upon graduation from the Master’s degree program, I can say that I’ve got really valuable professional skills which I will undoubtedly use in my future career. During the entire educational course, I had been working really hard and I am extremely thankful to my teachers who had been supporting me all that time.
I got my Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the National University of Columbia. Then I wanted to progress in the engineering and construction field, and I started looking for information about universities on the websites of major rating agencies. I got very much interested in Polytechnic University. And, lastly, I decided to come here.
I was quite anxious prior to come to Russia because of severe Russian climate and unsociable people. Now I understand that this is no more than stereotypes. Besides Russia, I had been considering such countries as the Great Britain, Spain and Luxemburg, but the trip to Russia was a challenge I put to myself. When I came here, I spoke no Russian at all and for several times, I had even lost my way.
However, St. Petersburg and Polytechnic University met me very warmly. All employees, professors, and teachers were always ready to help. At the university, I have really valuable professional skills and I am extremely thankful to my teachers who had been supporting me all that time. I have noticeably improved my knowledge in the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings sphere, and now I have a clear plan of what I should do in this sphere. During my Master’s degree program I participated in an international symposium in Brazil; it took place within the frame of the World Cities World Class University Network in San-Paulo. Besides SPbPU, ten other universities from all over the world were presented there. We had been working in teams, and our goal was to present our version of solving problems in a metropolis.
During the studies we were taught by Russian and foreign lecturers. Quite frequently we had visiting professors from Mexico, Serbia, Czech Republic, Spain, Nigeria, and other states. For me, an important advantage of the Master’s degree program is that along with the Master’s degree, I’ve got the understanding of what I am going to do in my professional career.
Now I am planning to go back to Columbia and use in practice all the knowledge and skills I acquired. Then I hope to come again to Russia or Europe. If you are planning to come to Russia for a long period, I would advise to take a few lessons of the Russian language. But most important: get rid of stereotypes. It is great here!
Shivam MISHRA, (International Master’s Program “Energy efficient and sustainable building”)
I have lived in Russia before, so there was no trouble to study here. I enjoyed university very much and will remember a lot of things about it! I have my business here and after graduation I’m planning to continue developing it and take it to the heights. Studying in Russia is exciting, so don’t miss the chance!
Gabriel Berenguer VIEIRA
Gabriel Berenguer VIEIRA, Brazil (International Master’s Program “Energy efficient and sustainable building”)
For me it was pretty easy to dare to go to Russia from the faraway. I’ve chosen between Russia and Italy, but when Polytech members went to Brazil and delivered an interesting presentation about the course, I’ve decided to go to Russia.
From the year of my studies I would definitely always remember the opportunity to write articles and conduct different researches in the laboratory, that helped me to write my Masters’s degree thesis on feasibility of using recycled materials in social housings for temperate climates. In addition, I had the opportunity to be a researcher in different studies in Polytech and went to Graz-Austria for Project Management Seminar. Now my plan include working as energy efficiency specialist in my current company.
If going for a Master’s Degree, get out of your comfort zone and seek for opportunities at Polytech, as plenty of opportunities are offered: summer school, international trips, exchange programs, work in labs, write articles, online courses and much more. Also, enjoy Russia as much as you can: it is an amazing country!
For me it wasn’t so easy to dare to go to Russia to study. But Russian education is valued all over the world, that is why I decided to go.
Also there was a specialty in English that I wanted to enter in order to write my Master’s degree thesis on energy efficient buildings with implementation of closed cavity facade. I will always remember participating in BIM International Conference, it was useful and curious.
My plan is to get my Master’s degree and apply in PhD degree program and then Doctoral. If you plan to come to Russia, I would say that you’re making a right choice!
Amirkhon AMINOV
Amirkhon AMINOV, (International Master’s Program “Energy efficient and sustainable building”)
There were few options for me when I chose the country for studying. It was easy for me to decide to go to Russian university, firstly because I won a scholarship to study here and secondly I wanted to live in Russia for some years, get to know its culture and traditions.
I'm fluent in Russian, so I never faced any difficulties communicating with others, so it was challenging, but not so hard to write my Master’s degree thesis about energy efficiency of building in a hot and dry climate.
Many thanks to professors like Strelets K.I and Romanov V.I, who were nice to me and helped me a lot with my studies. Now I am planning to continue my studies and get PhD degree. If you want to study here, don't think much and just come to Russia and live. Russia is far far different than what we are told abroad.
Veronika VSEVOLOZHSKAIA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Energy efficient and sustainable building”)
Energy efficient and sustainable building program is very interesting! Madam Strelets classes are so good that I will remember them forever. It also helped a lot with my Master’s degree thesis on “Energy-efficient technologies for sustainable reconstruction of historical buildings of Saint-Petersburg”.
I chose between Russia and Italy, and I’ve chosen Russia because of diploma validation. Now I have Napoleon plans for the future to challenge the construction field! If you consider going to Russia I would say just challenge it and spend an excellent time in the most beautiful city ever!
Anna FILIPPOVA, (International Master’s Program “Energy efficient and sustainable building”)
The most exciting thing for me were lectures by foreign professors (there was many of them!). It helped me with my Master’s degree thesis about energy efficiency of buildings with implementing an innovative material.
Now I’m working in construction and building design. To those who plan to go to Russia I would recommend to communicate with Russian people more and improve you language skills.
Matheus LIMA, (International Master’s Program Energy efficient and sustainable building )
I decided to go to change my mind about West European countries and go outside to my Comfort Zone, developing my skills as professional and person. Be open minded, Russian people are very helpful and kind, but be prepared for some adventure in the burocracy