Students’ Testimonials

Ekaterina POPOVA
Ekaterina POPOVA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
Studying on an international program has become an interesting and very valuable experience for me. During the year, I was able to significantly improve my spoken English. I met people from other countries and cultures. I tried working on the project as part of an international team. I think this is a great experience, which I will definitely mention in my resume.
The curriculum was very diverse and focused on practical tasks. Teachers clearly present the material.
I think I will only have good memories of my master's degree at the Polytechnic.
Alphan BOZKURT, Turkey (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
I joined the Lakhta Center project in January 2019. Frankly, I did not know that a Turkish company managed such a big project in Petersburg.
Working at international construction sites of Turkish companies always brings with it heavy working conditions. Our responsibility in the field was the completion of the finishing work according to the project, and hand over to the quality control company. We were completing and handing over plaster, paint, plasterboard wall, suspended ceiling and raised floor installations. My responsibilities to complete these works according to the project quality and planned completion date, get approve from a quality company, quantify the amount of work which completed, preparation of BOQ and prepare the daily report.
My first period at the construction site was difficult because I did not know the Russian language. it was my first experience at the Russian construction site. For this reason, I had to learn the procedure and language and this process was difficult and contains mistakes. As time went on, my work situation got easier as I got used to the construction site and the languages spoken in Lakhta.
Lakhta center project is the style I want to work since my bachelor's time, so I feel like I have achieved a goal since it is a skyscraper project rising. I want to work in a position that will take an active role in the decision-making mechanism of high-budget prestige companies in the future.
Aytuğ ARTUN, Turkey (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
Currently I'm working in a Turkish company in Ufa. It is called Limakmarash. Here I became a head of Geodesy Department. We have a road project here called - From Ufa to the Federal Road M-5 “Ural” Eastern Exit. Total budget is around 35 billion rubles and consists of 9km road embankment 1300m tunnel, 2600m viaduct-flyover, 2 interchanges. I plan 28 people for my department. Currently we are totally 15 people. Frankly speaking, Polytech study helped me in my interview greatly. I am completely satisfied with the current job!
Nguyen Anh Quan TRAN
Nguyen Anh Quan TRAN, Vietnam (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
Hi, my name is Quan. I come from Vietnam. I was a master student in Polytech during 2017-2019 in the program Civil Engineering.
I was always curious how the world looks like when I was in my country and I decided to choose Polytech is the starting point for my ‘world sightseeing trip’. The master program here gave me a wide perspective of the intersection between cultures, a chance to learn new things either from university or from society. Besides that, with the variety of corporation programs between global universities, anyone studying in Polytech can do an exchange semester or an internship in another country, participating international program or seminar which not only enhances your knowledge in the discipline you are following but also the meeting of new friends or new future chances, who knows? During my studies I had a great opportunity to take an internship in France – it was wonderful!
During the last year in Polytech, I got some chances for job offers relating to my skills. I worked nine months as a BIM coordinator for an American construction design company which its branch located in Russia. Honestly, it is not easy to get a job in Russia for the foreigners, especially if you do not speak Russian very well. However, everyone has the same chance if your skill is compatible to the job market. Recently, I have just moved to another job and at the moment, I am a BIM manager for a construction company in Moscow region, Russia. My first project is a nuclear station building in another country, I am running a team of 7 people which my responsibility is managing the workflow of 3D construction model and training my team necessary knowledge to achieve the project tasks. If someone say to you that you need a lot of experiences to get the manager position, I can prove to you that’s not true. I had approximately 2 years rounded experiences before getting this job. I believe the knowledge is as important as the experience, the satisfaction is just a fraction of the reality and the expectation.
Studying in Polytech has given me the inspiration and motivation to step forward on the path to become the engineer in my definition, my mind reflects the body knowledge of this world, I plan for my ambitions to meet the goal, and to find out more and more good sides for the society or at least myself.
Do not hesitate due to the language, when you seek for it, you'll find.
Olamipe OGIDAN
Olamipe OGIDAN , (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
Initially it was difficult to dare to go to Russia from the faraway but I studied here earlier so I knew what to be prepared for. And I’m happy I did it.
I will always remember my international group from the years of my SPbPU studies. During my Master’s I was working on “Energy efficient thermal insulation”.
To international students planning to come to Russia I would probably say: Be ready to learn the every day language. Be open-minded.
Daria GLUSHKO, Russia (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
It was easy to come from far Russia (Komi Republic) to far Russia – St. Petersburg. I will keep in my memory Revit mep classes and my research supervisor - A. E. Radaev. My Master thesis was “The study of the characteristics of the structure of construction machinery fleet by using the means of linear-fractional programming”. Now after graduating I would like to find a job and make a career in the BIM sphere. To the international applicants I would recommend to learn Russian up to the level of A1 or A2. While you study it is also possible to learn the language of the country you live in, so that you can easily go to stores and use services.
Stock up on warm clothes and strengthen your immune system. Be patient and good luck! Everything is possible.
Valentina SAMSONOVA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
I’m from Russia and I appreciate the opportunity that Peter the Great St. Petersburg University provides to it's students – International Master Degree Programs conducted in English. I obviously will remember taking part in an exchange trip in the framework of my studies, new acquaintances with foreign students and professors, English practice with my classmates. My Master thesis was devoted to the following topic “Information modeling for renovation of capital construction projects”. It was really engaging to discover.
I would like to advise future international students to be ready for the cold weather because it is the only thing they will worry about))
Paola Revelo ORELLANA
Paola Revelo ORELLANA, Equador (International Master’s Program “Civil Engineering”)
While studying at the Сivil Engineering master program I began working as an architect in a Renaissance construction company.It was possible to work and study, this was really important because I could learn the theory and apply it at work and if I had some questions I could had always contact my teachers which were very knoledgeable and have professional contacts with companies, this specially enriched my studies in Polytech. Furthermore, I was very lucky to participated in one of the international seminairs organized within the Сivil Engineering master program, called Computer based construction management seminar, co-organized with Autria University TU Graz.
Yes, it is very difficult to get a job in Russia because of migration procresses and bureoucracy. However, there are some international companies that are ready to go though this process. Working in Russia is an enriching experinece, you become more awares of the culture and different mindsets that along the way can hel you to develop professionally and personally.
Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez, Venezuela (Master’s program “Civil Engineering”)
I see myself and see Russian people, and cannot avoid thinking, how alike they are to me. They seem to show with their eyes the same feelings that I bring from so far, and as different as their culture may be to mine, in the eyes of many people here i see many wishes that i also have. It is good to see myself so far away from home. I have found friends of another religion that have become like my brothers. In the case of my lecturers, i have been taught in a certain philosophical way, as if they were me, trying to teach myself, with as much concern for truth, and as much kindness and patience as can be had for a true friend, and i have been helped by them as if i was being helped by my own family.
The greatest example of this is - my program coordinator, Ms. Marina Petrochenko. From the first day i communicated with her, she has had nothing but good will. My mother would certainly be in her debt, and her kindness and help will make a positive infuence on the rest of my life.