Students’ Testimonials

Gleb GORBATOVSKY, graduated in 2016 (International Master’s Program “Laser and Fiber Optic Systems”)
I graduated from the Polytechnic University in 2016 and received the master's degree.
From the end of the 3rd year to the present, I have been working at the Radar MMS enterprise in the laboratory of digital devices. Initially, my responsibilities included the development and debugging of modules for FPGAs. Later, I started modeling radar information processing, which is necessary for building and testing new algorithmic solutions during product development. Along with modeling, I also programmed digital signal processors. Combining work and study for two years of master's program, I was able to prepare the master's thesis on the topic "Simulation of a digital pulse-Doppler radar station".
The skills and knowledge acquired by me at the university are constantly used in my work at the enterprise. Quite often, I have to deal with the need to solve various issues related to signal processing, which would not be possible without the good general theoretical and mathematical training that I received at the Polytechnic. From my experience of communicating with my employer, I can say that Polytechnic graduates are highly valued in Radar MMS. I am sure that this is true not only for this enterprise, but also for other companies.
Alina GALICHINA, graduated in 2016 (International Master’s Program “Laser and Fiber Optic Systems”)
In 2016, I received master's degree. During the education I received basic knowledge and skills in building fiber-optic communication networks, using the basic functional elements. The theme of my master's thesis was “Acousto-optic functional elements for fiber-optic communication systems”. The work was dedicated to the development of a unique switch of fiber-optic channels.
Since the first year of the master's program, I have been working at the Research Institute “Vector” JSC in the department of radar and digital communication systems. At work, I design high-frequency analog and digital fiber-optic lines for delivering antenna array signals to a data processing unit through a zone of high electromagnetic interference, as well as conducting internships for students whose training was related to fiber optics.
Arseny CHERENKOV, graduated in 2015 (International Master’s Program “Laser and Fiber Optic Systems”)
I graduated in 2015 and received a master's degree. The theme of my master's thesis was "The study of physical principles of operation of microstructured fibers modulation devices filled with magnetic fluid for fiber optic telecommunication systems". The work on the thesis was very exciting and I am very grateful to my supervisor Prof. Ivan Pleshakov.
In the 1st year of the course, I got a job at JSC "Russian Institute of radio navigation and time" in the Radiophysics laboratory of prospective studies. Engaged in the rubidium frequency standards that are part of the satellite system GLONASS I had a lot of responsibilities. I designed the laser driver module, led measurement protocols. Then I decided to try myself at programming.
Our education allows one to look around and after a month of reading, I got a job as a programmer of microcontrollers in JSC "Avangard". I simultaneously worked and accumulated knowledge in this area. I was entrusted with an interesting project on a device for measuring the conductivity of liquids. After working there for just over six months, I received an offer from JSC "Telros". At the moment I'm working in JSC "Telros" as a programmer.
Vladimir MALIJ, graduated in 2015 (International Master’s Program “Laser and Fiber Optic Systems”)
At the institute of physics, nanotechnology and communications I learned the basics of fiber-optic communication systems, the functions of the main elements, the most important parameters of the systems, as well as the advantages of certain methods, ranges, and communication devices. During the education, I learned telecommunications development in the world, which helped me choose an interesting topic for the master's thesis and continue scientific work as PhD student.
At the moment, I am working in the central marine design department "Almaz". I am engaged in the development, design, location of posts and antennas, the calculation of main parameters of communication systems used on surface combat ships, rescue and research vessels.