Students’ Testimonials

Ibrahim IKBAL
Ibrahim IKBAL, Turkey (International Master’s Program “Electrical Engineering”)
Initially, I am from Turkey, but I can't say it was difficult to come to Russia. Maybe because after my bachelor I had opportunity to work here for a while. And after that I realised that it is very exciting for me to learn Russian language and culture.
So, I thought the best way to do it is to come here and apply to university. I chose Polytech.
Now I am studying for master degree and learning language at the same time. My thesis is "Research of Grid Integration of a 10 kW Rooftop Solar Power Plant in Turkey”.
But my life in Russia is not limited to studying. I will remain impressed with the streets and buildings of St. Petersburg for the rest of my life. Slightly cold but in meantime cozy days will also always be in my heart.
After my graduation, I will try to find good opportunity here. I’d like to stay in St. Petersburg for a while longer.
My advice to international students planning to come here is to take Russian course (if they don't speak it). It will make your life here much more easier.