Students’ Testimonials

Lee ZINGCHEN, China (International Master’s Program “Regional Studies: Russian Federation”)
After I finished my Bachelor’s at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, I applied for a Master’s degree at Polytech. Students of our group come from different places – Kazakhstan, Syria, China. The fact that the course is conducted in English is rather an advantage: speaking one language made it easier for us to get accustomed to living in Russia.
In the future, I will apply for a PhD in Political and Regions Science with the Institute of Humanities. I have always taken great interest in global politics and international relations. Upon the graduation I will return to China where the demand for specialists in cultural exchange and education is high due to fast economic growth. I am certain I will be able to have a job related to Russian-Chinese relations.
Remember that it’s never late to learn! Seek to enhance your knowledge, dedicate your time to self-education as well. I am interested in learning foreign languages, so I spend a large amount of my free time on language studies and I have already become fluent in Russian, English and Korean. Systematical approach and persistence are essential in language learning as well as hard work and perseverance. If you have these qualities, your success is guaranteed!