Students’ Testimonials

Bashar SALEH
Bashar SALEH, Syria (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
Studying in SPbPU, I have gained a lot of experience. I have to say that preparatory program has gave me many advantages too.
The professors in Polytech are great and very kind, students are nice and friendly. The building is well equipped, beautiful and comfortable. The program I’ve studied will definitely give me great opportunities in my future work and life.
Shuyi WANG
Shuyi WANG, (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
I’ve always wanted to study power plant engineering. I’ve decided to study it in Russia because St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city, and Russia has rich resources and power plant infrastructure. My Master’s degree thesis was about optimization of distribution of inter-unit load in power plant.
The preparation was going very well and the professors were taking it very seriously, in fact, as always while studying. There were no difficulties in communication, because I also learned Russian for one year, and realized the smooth daily communication in my life. In the study, the professors taught me by heart. For future students I can say this: please study the language carefully, you can bring some professional books and you can communicate with professors by email at any time.
Now I want to go back to China, get work experience, and then go back to Russia for my PhD.
Nailia LEHNERT, Russia (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
Polytech gives many exchange study opportunities, so I have used it and studied as the exchange student for one semester. It was very interesting experience and I will remember it the most.
My Master’s degree thesis was dedicated to research in efficient ways of different modes of controlling thermal grids, and now I am going to apply my knowledge working in the same professional field. To all future international students: learn a little bit of Russian, it would be very useful. And share your experience with Russian students, because it is everything other for them!
Hashim AL-ZUWAINI, (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
Going to Russia to study was easy, because Russia is a beautiful and cultural country and at the same time, our university is one of the best universities in the world. I remember that our program was amazing and useful, also we had very good professors, at the same time we were very satisfied with our program.
We had many international professors from Italy, Germany, Finland, India and Brazil. Their lectures and lectures of great Russian professors helped me with my Master’s degree thesis on Optimization of technological processes for receiving, accumulating and loading of M-40 and M-100 fuel oil from tanks of the Terminal into the tankers. All Polytech staff are amazing and helpful, so I had no difficulties at all.
Now I am studying PHD in program thermal energy. I can say to all who want to go study here to be more active and study every day after professor's lectures.
Wang ZHENBEI, (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
I had a lot of reasons to go study in Russia, so my choice was obvious. Studying was great and I will remember everything about it! I had some difficulties in communication because I didn’t learn Russian.
So to everyone going here I can say to prepare Russian language. Now I am going to go back to my motherland and work there.
Muhammad Maaz SHAIKH
Muhammad Maaz SHAIKH, (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
It was hard decision for me to dare to go to Russia from the faraway. But after watching the rankings of university and the list of its partners I decided to choose Russia. Russia is a nice country.
However, I have face lot of issues due to language barrier, so before going here you should at least have some skills in Russian language. In the future I want to work and contribute to society what I studied here, my knowledge in Power Plant Engineering and Renewable Energy.
Maria KIRYANOVA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
These two years of studying are some of the best moments of my life. For me the best qualities of SPbPU are its excellent learning environment, good quality of teaching and a wide range of research available to all students.
University cooperates with many interesting companies and has close ties with a large number of higher education institutions around the world, providing a lot of career choices for its graduates. There are many interesting research projects and competitions organized by the university. Over the years of training my scientific work and high academic performance has been repeatedly awarded with grants, which is a great incentive for any student, as it nice when your work is noticed and valued.
After graduating with honors from the master's program and spending two semesters of internships in Finland and Germany, I received many career offers in my native city and beyond, which speaks for the high quality of education in SPbPU, which is valued by employers.
SPbPU International Master program gave me a lot: I graduated from a prestigious university with honors, found an interesting job in the largest shipbuilding company in Russia, where I can apply my knowledge for the prosperity of my country, to see the results of my work and cooperate with the best professionals in the field. It is worth noting separately that international Master program gives you an opportunity to see the world, meet new different people and make friends from many countries.
Subhkaran SINGH
Subhkaran SINGH, India (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
It was always my dream to come to Saint Petersburg, as. Saint Petersburg has always been a magnet to people who have accomplished great things in science. Russia is a good option and it is easier to stay in Russia.
Studying was great. I remember the professors and the University. The NIK building especially in summer vacations because everyday something interesting happens there.
My advice is to learn some language beforehand, find some people online and study about Russian art it is always a plus as Russia has beautiful art. Stay away from angry babushkas  Now I am going to continue my PhD in the University.
Victor Navarrete VIVALLOS
Victor Navarrete VIVALLOS, (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
It was a big challenge to accept coming to Russia, but education here is well known worldwide, being pioneers in the different branches of research. Also obtained scholarship helped me a lot.
During the M.Sc., I have discovered a new field of investigation that I would like to become a specialist at (computational fluid dynamics), so my plan is to do a Ph.D. in this Area. I remember the good relationships with my colleagues, It was a pretty nice experience keeping in touch with international students and learning about their cultures sharing a different point of view both academic and life.
For all future students: learn a bit of Russian language, at least a couple of sentences.
Amit Dash SAMANTARAY, India (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
I am very proud to be a part of SPBPU. For me, I always loved the Russian technology since India & Russia have always closed collaboration in terms of Technology. As I understand, Power Plant Engineering was a branch of Engineering famous in Russia. One of my friend was a part of SPBPU. I came here through his recommendations. I love the reputation of Polytechnic University.
I have absolutely loved my department. Very good & experienced professors. They had been always helpful to me. In the future I would like to work in some GT company in the near future such as Rolls Royce or Simens etc.
I would like to suggest all future students to learn basic Russian language before they are coming here. In order to live here, you have to know Russian.
Sultan MAKOEV, Russia (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
I enjoyed my group mates, the mode of study, and skillful professors. Also I liked that it was easy for me to combine the job and studying. The most memorable was exchange programs in Polytecnico di Milano and Lappeenranta university of Technologies.
It helped me to write my Master’s degree thesis about efficiency improvement and optimization of city energy system. For international students I can advise to be prepared for unexpected things, to learn basic Russian and to find out a bit about Russian people and culture.
Aleksi MANKONEN, Finland (International Master’s Program “Power Plant Engineering”)
It was challenging for me to dare to go study in Russia, but I enjoyed it a lot! It was interesting to find out about Russian approach to education, especially in mathematics and science.
My classmates were friendly and nice, professors were great too. In the future, I’m going to get PhD degree and continue exploring the energy field. It is important to be open to new knowledge and people and not to be afraid to face challenges!
Yalım Alpaslan
Yalım Alpaslan, Turkey (Master’s program “Power Plant Engineering”)
After thorough introspection of my strengths and interests; I have concluded that a program that has been developed to train highly qualified professionals to design, operate and maintain power plants is the most appropriate choice for me. This program provides us to be a multiskilled and specialist engineers. Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to build a business mindset by have an internship in the leading Russian energy companies and technical tours to the near industrial facilities and power plants. Besides al of these, I have also tried to broaden my horizon socially by discovering romantic St.Petersburg. After ferreting out the secret of Russian Language, it’s wonderful place to live in.