Students’ Testimonials

Nataliya MAKSIMOVA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
Education at the Polytechnic University allowed me to expand my knowledge in the field of business engineering technology. Teachers were responsible to their task of teaching students practical skills, and not just theory. In addition, I liked that students did large part of the work out of school hours, which allowed them to freely manage their time, complete tasks on their own, study the proposed topics and carefully understand them. Some of the tasks students performed in a team, which helped to communicate better with other students and to acquire the necessary skills for working in a team. I am sure that the university gave me education of high quality, which allowed me to improve my abilities at work.
I am grateful to our teachers and the entire team of the department, they always treat their students very carefully and warmly, and of course they gave a good knowledge base for further work in this area. Moreover, it was interesting for me to study on the international program of study, to communicate with foreign students and to learn them both from the professional and personal sides.
Anrew OSYKA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
While studying at the Polytechnic University, I received basic knowledge in the chosen field, which in many ways helped me quickly adapt to the workplace. This indicates that the training program meets the requirements of the profession, which, in my opinion, is a determining factor for applicants. I would like to note the fact that the training process (especially in the master's program) is filled with practical work that is as close as possible to the working reality, which allows you to get an idea of the future profession at the training stage, which is also important, since students are still looking for themselves in the professional field.
The University cooperates with many companies that actively offer various internship programs for students. This fact is an excellent motivator for the comprehensive development of the student as a future professional in the chosen field, and allows you to overcome doubts about further employment.
In addition to professional skills and knowledge, the University develops personal skills such as teamwork, self-confidence in achieving goals, and analytical thinking. All this together with professional knowledge forms the basis for a high-class specialist.
Nika SINITSINA, Uzbekistan (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
I major in Business Informatics. We have a well-thought-out curriculum, but besides the high quality of education I enjoy the brilliant opportunity to participate in the international conferences “The Week of Science”, which offer me a priceless research experience and the chance to have my research papers published in the Anthology of Selected Student Research.
All the disciplines are taught by knowledgeable teachers who have both teaching and working experience in economics and management area, the fact from which we benefit greatly getting the “first-hand” knowledge. Like I said, the study plan is well-thought-of: it was very intensive during the first three years, now we only have two days of classes, so we can spend more time on the thesis.
Sofia SURGUCHEVA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
Previously, I studied under the bachelor's program "Business Informatics" and the Master's program was a continuation of the development of business-analytic skills.
The curriculum included both advanced courses in familiar subjects and completely new ones. For example, this course was project management, which was organized with a Finnish teacher remotely. Also in the second year of study, there were several other subjects with a teacher from Finland. It was a very interesting experience, as foreign teachers submit material according to their own methods and standards, as well as make other requirements for students. In particular, it was very useful to get acquainted with the remote educational platform, where we were given the opportunity to choose the subject of interest.
Teachers have done their best to provide students with an environment conducive to the implementation of research activities. I do not regret that I decided to stay at the Polytechnic and continue my master's degree. These were two interesting, eventful and unforgettable years, during which I received a lot of useful experience.
Zilia BIKKULOVA, Russia (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
I chose a program Business Engineering because I was very attracted by the opportunity to study what I like, as well as getting experience in partner universities.
My Master’s degree thesis is Service-Oriented Architecture of Artificial Intelligence System in Healthcare. Also, during study, I had opportunity to took internship in Finland and it helped me got ahead in my work.
I would like to wish foreign students to come and learn more about our country and its culture. Do not be afraid to communicate with classmates, especially local ones, do not hesitate to ask them questions if something is unclear. Be no less active than local classmates, in pairs and (especially) in teamwork.
Viktoria ILYASHENKO, Russia (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
Studying on an international program was very interesting: unique content, professional teachers, friendly group and so on.
For the second year of my working on my Master thesis “Business Intelligence” I took an opportunity to study in a partner university in Finland to receive a double degree. It gave me a unique experience.
Now I’m planning to apply for my PhD.
I think international students should come and try International Master degree programs in Polytech! Don’t miss the chance to use the possibility of getting double degree.
George SOLOVYOV, Russia (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
I’m from Russia. I will always have the warmest memories about my classmates from the years of my studies!
My Master thesis was devoted to the following topic “Data bases development”. And I will continue to study this topic at the Polytech. Polytech is my destiny!
Mikhail MOHOV
Mikhail MOHOV, Russia (International Master’s Program “Business Engineering”)
I've never considered other options of education: countries or universities except Russia and Polytech.
The most memorable thing is communication with teachers and students from all over the world. Unforgettable experience!
My further plan for my life is to try building a career in an international company. I’m sure that my knowledge and skills in the sphere of my master’s thesis “Digital product marking” will be a great use in my in my future aspirations.
I would like to advise future international students to be ready for the cold, take warm clothes and not to be afraid to dare because it will be an essential experience in your life!