Energy Technology - Winter School

Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University on behalf of the Institute of Energy presents traditional and annual Winter Energy School. The School provides the opportunity to attend intensive academic program with lectures b All studies are developed according to the European requirements and can be recognized as a period abroad. The 2021 edition of the Winter Energy School is organized to offer 4 ECTS in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Oil and Gas in Energy Industry and Turbomachinery.

Energy Technology
Energy Technology
Name ECTS Date
Nuclear Engineering 4 ECTS January, 18 – January, 29, 2020
Turbomachinery 4 ECTS January, 18 – January, 29, 2020
Electrical Engineering 4 ECTS January, 18 – January, 29, 2020
Oil & Gas in Energy Industry 4 ECTS January, 18 – January, 29, 2020

Participation fee: 20 000 Rubles

Participation fee includes intensive academic programme, cultural programme online and course materials.

Deadline for applications: 01January, 2021

Request the application form and submit the application package via e-mail: or register online:

Energy Technology
Energy Technology


  • Rosenergoatom: Electric Power Division of Rosatom;

  • Polytechnicheskaya, 29, University building, 195251 St. Petersburg
  • Ekaterina Sokolova, coordinator of Energy Schools