Сurrent contests

The RHSF has announced the following international competition for joint research projects in 2017 with the aim to enhance international scientific cooperation in the field of humanities: RHSF – Foundation for Russian Language and Culture, Hungary

Competition for joint research projects in the fields 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, project types "a(m)", "g(m)".

Please note that in this competition, the total number of participants (including the research advisor) in an "a(m)" project should not exceed 10 people.

General classifier: 

  • 01 – history; archeology; ethnography;
  • 02 – economics;
  • 03 – philosophy; sociology; political science; law; science studies;
  • 04 – philology; art history;
  • 06 – comprehensive human studies; psychology; pedagogy; social problems of human health and ecology;
  • 07 – global problems and international relations.

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