Applied curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic systems (APPLE)

Applied curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic systems (APPLE)
Start: 15.10.2016 End: 14.10.2019 Project Coordinator: Technische Universität Berlin, Germany Project number: 573545-EPP-1-2016-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP



APPLE is aimed to adapt, modernize and restructure existing curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic system; to develop new certified courses according to the new developments in the area, the labor market demand and the Bologna Process; to test innovated curricula and to disseminate the results. The planned curricular reform will focus on content, structure, teaching methods and use of new teaching materials with regard to the European modernization agenda for higher education. Newly developed courses will be structured according to the three-cycle system.

Specific objectives are:

  • Analyses of educational needs in target area according to the market demand and current curricula review;
  • Integration of the new applied educational program;
  • Implementation of cross-disciplinarily curricula;
  • Development, implementation and accredit new practice oriented courses including ECTS;
  • Rapprochement of the HEI of Partner Countries with the Labor Market;

These objectives address to the necessity of striking a balance between offers and needs in the educational and industrial sectors. The mission of the project is to introduce the applied educational program by reviewing/analysing/upgrading the current curricula to recent advances in the target field; to develop, implement and accredit the new curricula inclusive B-learning and M-Learning; to modernize the existing and to establish the new equipped labs for effective education in frames of new educational program; retrain of academic staff/mentors in frames of new curricula; to conduct pilot teaching with the support of the stakeholders.

Project Partners: