FUSION, European Master in nuclear physics

FUSION, European Master in nuclear physics
Start: 01.01.2019 End: 31.12.2023 Project Site: https://www.em-master-fusion.org/ Project Coordinator: Aix-Marseille Université (AMU), Marseille, France https://www.univ-amu.fr/


Aim: The main idea of the project is of the joint master's program "FUSION" implementation.


Magnetic confinement fusion is a field aiming at delivering a sustainable, carbon-free massive energy production track within a few decades. The field has changed gear since the ITER International Organisation has been set up and started to build the ITER device in the EU.

The FUSION-EP programme, created in 2006, aims at training the next generations of magnetic confinement fusion physicists and engineers. Since the academic year 2019/2020, FUSION-EP shifted the coordination from University of Gent to Aix-Marseille University in order to put forward new objectives.

The FUSION-EP programme is organized in two periods of increasing spezialisation in two different countries, until the 3rd semester's distinct track possibilities: Fusion Sciences and Fusion Technology. A very comprehensive insight into the cutting-edge R&D in nuclear fusion is guaranteed by the broad range of expertise available in the Consortium.

In addition to its strong internationalization, a unique feature of FUSION-EP is the stimulation of the students' learning performances by innovative training methods. One on-line and three mobility joint sessions are implemented throughout the curriculum, during which, the students practice their academic knowledge in research situations. They enrich their set of transferrable skills by working in a multicultural environment. Each summer a 4-day event is a further opportunity for the students to meet each other and visiting scholars and lecturers.

The fourth semester is focused on the application of the learning outcomes in a professional situation. This placement period is used to prepare the Master thesis at a partner or in industry. The defense of the student’s master thesis is held in public during the Summer event, attended by all students.