Head of Laboratory Russian Government "Megagrant" Competition for Research Projects Implemented in Russia

Head of Laboratory Russian Government "Megagrant" Competition for Research Projects Implemented in Russia
Closing Date: 31 December 2022

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University accepts applications for the open international competition in 2021 for grants funding scientific research supervised by leading scientists in the university.

The purpose of the competition is to attract leading scientists to conduct joint scientific research in the new scientific fields or to develop current scientific areas, thus increasing the competitiveness of scientific research in general.

The grant is aimed at creating new laboratories with international and Russian scientists’ staff on the basis of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Requirements for the head of the laboratory:

  • minimum 5 years’ experience of research work ;
  • high scientometric indicators (h-index not less than 20);
  • scientific interests coinciding with the strategic directions of scientific development in Russian Federation

A scientific research project should be aimed at solution of particular tasks outlined in the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation (approved by the Order of the President of the Russian Federation No 642 of 01 December 2016). A scientific research project should allow to obtain scientific and technological results and to create technologies laying basis for innovational development of the goods and services internal market and assuring stable position of Russia on the international market. A scientific research project should make possible:

a) transfer to state-of-the-art digital, intellectual manufacturing technologies, robotics systems, new materials and construction methods, creation of big data processing systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions;

b) transfer to ecologically friendly and cost-effective energy generation, improving efficiency of extraction and deep processing of crude hydrocarbons, formation of new sources, ways to transfer and store energy;

c) transfer to personalised medicine, high-tech healthcare and health protection technologies, including by means of rational application of medications (first and utmost, antibacterial medications);

d) transfer to highly productive and ecologically friendly agriculture and aquaculture, development of systems to rationally apply means of chemical and biological protection of agricultural plants and animals, storage and efficient processing of agricultural products, creation of safe and high quality nutritional products (including functional nutritional products);

e) countermeasures against anthropogenic, biogenic, social and cultural threats, terrorism and ideological extremism, as well as cyberthreats and other sources of danger to society, economy and the state;

f) connectivity between regions of the Russian Federation by means of creating intellectual transport and telecommunication system; achieving and maintaining top positions in the field of transport in logistics systems, exploration and utilisation of outer space and airspace, the World Ocean, the Arctic and the Antarctic;

g) opportunity for the Russian society to effectively meet, using methods of humanitarian and social sciences, major challenges concerning interaction of humans with the nature, humans with technologies, social institutes on the modern stage of global development

Preliminary application is to be sent to the following e-mail address: steshenkov@spbstu.ru

Preliminary application should contain the following information: full name of the scientist, position and place of work at the moment, sphere of scientific interests, e-mail, telephone number.

Upon receiving preliminary application organizers will send applicants scientific project application form.

The selection is organized in two stages:

At the first stage of the selection proposals will be evaluated in terms of relevance and scientific significance of the proposed project, expected results, the uniqueness and scale of the created scientific infrastructure facility, scientific reserve and personnel potential, interest in implementing the project by Russian and international researchers and organizations .

Successful candidates will get a detailed application form for the second stage of the competition.

At the second stage of selection detailed technical projects will be considered, including detailed description of scientific (technological) tasks and methods   for solving them; specific technically developed project proposals, implementation plan, and assessment of all required resources. An essential condition is documentary confirmation of international partners’ contribution or their willingness to contribute to the implementation of the project.

Application deadlines:

  • Preliminary applications: 01.08.2021
  • First stage applications: 01.09.2021