Internship. Embedded Systems in IT

Internship.  Embedded Systems in IT
Closing Date: 31 March 2022

The Interdepartmental Center of Embedded Systems of Automation and Computing offers a 3-month scientific internship program in the IT field of Embedded Systems. The Center’s research activity is focused on embedded systems of artificial intelligence - from the design of microprocessor devices and FPGAs to the development of decision-making systems based on fuzzy logic. The internship is free. Place in the university dormitory is provided. The cost of living is approximately $300 per month.

Some of the Center research areas:

  • Development of high-performance embedded microcontroller architectures with hardware support for fuzzy information processing.
  • Synthesis of fuzzy information processing systems.
  • Design of embedded microcontroller systems for technical objects and technological   processes control.


PhD student, Master student, Postdoc in IT.

The competence in at least one of the following subject areas is welcome:

  • Microcontroller application development
  • Fuzzy control’s basis.

Intermediate (B1) English level or higher.

Expected results: 

According to the results of the research, writing and publication of articles together with the researchers of the Center in the journals indexed in the international citation bases is expected.  


Alexei E. Vassiliev, Director