Workshop: Outcomes of the support programs aimed at boosting excellence of HEIs in Russia in the context of world ranking RUR

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Workshop:  Outcomes of the support programs aimed at boosting excellence of HEIs in Russia in the context of world ranking RUR
Start: 25 May 2017

The objective of the workshop is to give some insight into RUR methodology and practices and analytics, explain differences of approaches between QS and THE, inform on relevant background, discuss outcomes of support programs for HEIs in Russia. It is held in the framework on International Polytechnic Week 2017.

Presenter 1: Oleg Solovyov ( Chief Editor, World Ranking RUR)

According to Round University Ranking (RUR) data you will be given insights into performance outcomes of the largest RF support programs designed for Russian universities: the programme to develop federal universities, the programme for national research universities, academic excellence project 5-100. You will get the answers to the following questions:

  •  Is there a correlation between the university’s position and its participation in any support prgreamme?
  • To what extent may an investment of a conventional monitory unit contribute to the growth of the rankings?
  • Which programme shows the biggest impact on the rankings; 3 types of universities will be under consideration: national research universities, federal universities, and project 5-100 universities.

Reference: about RUR in brief

The RUR ranking agency exists since 2013 and publishes international rankings system of universities Round University Ranking (RUR). Raw data for the RUR Rankings system is provided by an international company Clarivate Analytics (formerly the IP&Science business of Thomson Reuters). The Agency also offers consulting services for universities to strengthen their competitiveness in the higher education sector.

Over 7 years 850 world's leading universities from 80 countries took part in the RUR rankings system and their performance was evaluated by 20 indicators and 4 dimension areas: teaching, research, internationalization, financial sustainability and by 6 subject areas: humanities, life sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, social sciences, medical sciences.

Presenter 2: Yuriy Klochkov (Head of the Center for monitoring Science and Education)

Case study of SPbPU, analytics and approaches for strategy development

2 more reports from partner universities on strategy development are expected.

VENUE: Grazhdansky pr. 28a, 16th University Building, 220а

Time: 14:00 - 16:30

Workshop moderator: Maria Vrublevskaya (Head of International Marketing and Recruitment Center, SPbPU)