Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism

Sushchenko Valeriy Petrovich

Sushchenko Valeriy Petrovich

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Doctor of Education
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Director’s Office

The Institute offers 71 kinds of sport. This enables taking part in various sports competitions held in the city and country and winning top places. The Polytechnic University occupies the leading positions in terms of organizing sporting events for professionals, as well as the general public.

The Main Division

This Division is for students in good health (those having no certain medical conditions and/or contradictions).

Kinds of sport:

  • Aerobics
  • Sports games:
    • volleyball
    • basketball
    • handball
    • football
  • Athletic disciplines:
  • Athleticism
    • powerlifting
    • armsport
  • Swimming
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling:
    •  judo
    • sambo
    • freestyle wrestling
  • Exercise machines training
  • General physical preparation
    • track and field athletics
    • skiing
  • Applied kinds of sport
    • hiking
    • rock-climbing
    • orienteering

Special Division

The training is prescribed by a doctor for students having certain medical conditions. The total number of students in the Special Medical Group (SMG) is more than 900 people. Classes are held twice a week in the gym and last 2 academic hours (8 Pargolovskaya str. and 27 Politekhnicheskaya str.). Students of all academic years and Institutes attend remedial gymnastics classes in 8 Pargolovskaya str.

Types of training for SMG students:

  • Physical preparation and rehabilitation
  • Remedial gymnastics (prescribed by a doctor)
  • Recreational gymnastics and massage
  • Exercise machines training (for 3rd and 4th year students)
  • Theoretical classes teaching the basics of physical culture and health

Our gym is equipped with a set of modern exercise machines and other sports equipment, there are lockers and showers, the gym is situated in the vicinity of Lesnaya Metro station, there is an outdoor sports ground where classes are held in good weather. In the evenings there are additional classes held in the gym such as Thai boxing, aerobics, fitness, exercise machines.

Sports Division

Kinds of sport:

  • Sports aerobics
  • Sports games
  • Athletic disciplines
  • Swimming
  • Single combat
  • Ski racing, mountain-skiing, snowboarding
  • Rock-climbing
  • Track and field athletics
  • Chess, checkers