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Popovich Anatoliy Anatolyevich

Popovich Anatoliy Anatolyevich

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The Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport is comprised of the Division of Materials Engineering, the Division of Mechanical Engineering and two General Engineering departments.

Materials Engineering Division (MED) was established as a successor of the material science department, founded in 1902 together with St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute as the metallurgical department. Great contributions to the Polytechnic Institute establishment were made by prominent scientists D.I. Mendeleyev and D.K. Chernov. Today the Division's departments deal with the development of prospective materials and the research on their physical and chemical properties. The departments work out the scientific foundation for new technologies, their creation and treatment: laser, plasma and electron-beam welding, strengthening, coating, production of powder, amorphous optical materials, precision alloys with given properties.

The Division includes the departments:

  • Metallurgical Technologies 
  • Material Science and Technology 
  • Welding and Laser Technologies 
  • Physics, Chemistry and Technology of Microsystems Equipment
  • Materials, Technology and Equipment for Casting Production 
  • Functional Materials and Technologies

Mechanical Engineering Division (MecED) was established as a successor of the mechanical engineering department, founded in 1907 by the prominent scientists: N.P. Petrov, V.L. Kirpichev, A.A. Radtsig, I.I. Ivanov, L.Z. Ratnovsky. Training profiles comprise mechanical engineering, theoretical engineering, engineering design, computer-aided mechanical engineering, automation of machinery and manufacturing processes, technology and innovation management, industrial, graphic and information design.  Fundamental engineering expertise allows a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Division to be competitive on the market, to adapt easily to particular conditions, to climb successfully the corporate ladder; to create, to research and to launch new high-efficiency machines and technologies.

The Division includes the departments:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Tools
  • Machines and Metal Forming
  • Transport and Technology Systems
  • Innovation Design Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering
  • Automated Machines
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Constructional Materials and Material Science
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Mechatronics and Robotics

The departments of Mechanical Engineering and Design, Constructional Materials and Material Science, Engineering Graphics and Design are not only graduate departments, but departments of general engineering at the University.

University Departments of General Engineering:

  • Mechanism and Machine Theory
  • Organic and Inorganic Chemistry