International Academic Cooperation Department

Head of Department
Ekaterina A. Belyaevskaya

Ekaterina A. Belyaevskaya

Head of the Department

SPbPU has a long tradition of cooperating with universities, institutes of technology, higher education with similar strategies and objectives and with complementary features and strengths for the mutual benefit. Our vision is that collaboration is something that starts with the contacts between partners in the particular areas of mutual interest - between professors and scolars, industrial experts and innovators. It is a two-way process which is sure to gain support on the administrative level that helps to confirm and certify cooperation by signing a framework agreement (MoU), student exchange agreement or specialized agreements depending on the area of joint activities.

International Academic Cooperation Department is responsible for the following:

  • Development of SPbPU international contacts and links and contributing to increasing quality and effectiveness of international activities in the field of academic process, research and innovation;
  • Facilitation of academic cooperation with foreign universities, organizations as well as international funds and programs;
  • Information and analytical facilitation of international academic cooperation;
  • Organizational support for the visits of international delegations and international mobility of SPbPU staff.

International Academic Cooperation Department functions include:

  • Development and strengthening SPbPU international networks and strategic cooperation;
  • Information research and analysis, data basing and monitoring of SPbPU international activities effectiveness as well as potential opportunities and prospects analysis;
  • Support for SPbPU structural units in searching for international partners and facilitation of finding and focusing on key areas of mutual interest between partners
  • Development and contribution to implementation of cooperation agreements with foreign partners;
  • Data basing and information support in implementation of international agreements as well as organisation of the delegations visits and coordination;
  • Facilitation of SPbPU faculty and researchers mobility and business trips organisational support;
  • Facilitation of visa preparations process for foreign faculty and partners visits;
  • Organisational support of delegations visits.