Russian Language for Professional Activity

If the Russian language is not just your hobby but a tool for building your successful career and you need high-quality training, join one of the following programs!

Russian studies & russian language
Russian language for professional activity
Russian language for professional activity

Why study with us?

You will learn how to use Russian language in your professional life, how to understand your business partners and make yourself more attractive to potential employers worldwide.

Our courses are aimed at improving the four major communication skills: listening/understanding, reading, speaking, and writing.

Our courses meet international standards, they support ECTS transfer and recognition of our certificates abroad.

The Russian language classes are held in lecture halls, self-access auditoriums and classrooms equipped with computers and video apparatus.

Flexible participation terms make it possible to create a program which meets your goals. We divide our students into small groups to help you achieve evident results in a short period of time

Whatever background you might have, we will help you to choose the appropriate program.


Program director:
Department of Short-term Programs in Russian language & Russian Studies