Applied Linguistics: language, culture, mentality

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The program is focused on providing participants with profound knowledge of the Russian language and culture that will allow foreign students to communicate effectively in various intercultural and cross-cultural contexts. There are the following main goals to be achieved:

  • to develop intercultural, sociolinguistic, pragmatic competences resulted from culture-related realia gained while studying and key concepts of Russian culture;
  • to form up and  develop  foreign students’ linguistic and speech competences in the Russian language;
  • to broaden  foreign students’ knowledge  concerning national and cultural  specificity  in  business and scientific communication;
  • to build foreign students’  key competences  in the field of  methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language  (Russian students can join).

Training methods: a variety of interrelated approaches, such as competence-related approach, intercultural approach, student-centered approach and productive approach, providing balance between  theory and practice in educational process.
Applied Linguistics: language, culture, mentality
Applied Linguistics: language, culture, mentality

WHY study in Applied Linguistics Semester?

  The program is developed according to the European requirements and can be recognized as a semester abroad. It provides students with the opportunity of studying in the international environment getting the intercultural experience. Participation of Russian students gives a possibility of deeper penetration into Russian realia and learning more about the national aspects of communication in Russia.

  The program comprises compulsory and elective courses conducted in English. Study methods emphasize students’ active participation and involvement. Group discussions, excursions are an integral part of the learning process in addition to lectures. Within the program students are assigned to develop and use the Russian language, study cultural aspects of Russian lifestyle.

University administration and Russian tutor students will make staying of visiting students pleasant, comfortable and safe and will help them settle in and explore the metropolis of 5 million inhabitants. The beauty of St. Petersburg as the cultural capital of Russia is well-known in the world.

Applied Linguistics: language, culture, mentality
Applied Linguistics: language, culture, mentality

Program dates: beginning of February – mid-June
Participants: international and Russian students
Prerequisites: undergraduate students – at least two years of Bachelor level studies, with good command of English
Teachers: Professors from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Training methods: practical classes, lectures, workshops, excursions and group discussions
Credits: 30 ECTS credits per semester
Program Scheme: Compulsory courses + Elective courses + two course projects. Compulsory courses and course projects are obligatory. Students can also choose elective courses from the list to get 30 ECTS credits.

  Program Content:

Compulsory Courses:
  • Applied aspects of the Russian language, 10 ECTS
  • Modern Russian literature,   5 ECTS
  • Key concepts of Russian realities,   3 ECTS

Elective Courses:
  • Linguistic aspects of Business Communication in Russian (3 ECTS)
  • Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)
  • History and architecture of St. Petersburg (3 ECTS)
  • Romanovs' dynasty in the Russian history (3 ECTS)
  • Translation of cultural realities (1 ECTS)
  • National-cultural specificity of Business English (1 ECTS)     
  • National-cultural specificity of scientific communication (2 ECTS)
  • Linguistic expertise (3 ECTS)
  • Comparative typology of English and Russian languages (2 ECTS)     
Two Course Projects (1,5 ECTS each)
Application procedure: application form for the program can be requested at e-mail:

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