Graduate School of Media and Public Affairs is in the top 5 of the country’s best departments

30 May 2022 Achievements 52

The Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR), one of the leading professional associations in the field of communications, has summed up the annual all-Russian ranking and named the best departments for training specialists in advertising and related fields in the academic year 2021-2022. The top five winners include the Graduate School of Media Communications and Public Relations of the Institute of Humanities, SPbPU.

Graduate School of Media and Public Relations is in the top 5 of the best departments

This year’s rotation confirmed the department’s status as the best, obtained for the first time last academic year. According to its director Marina Arkannikova, the confirmation of the status for the second year in a row demonstrates the correctly chosen development strategy of the educational department. Initiated in 2020, the roadmap for development of the Graduate School of Media and Public Relations provides systematic implementation of all major areas (educational, research, cultural and educational) in the formation of intellectual and creative potential of students and faculty.

For me as a manager, what is important, first of all, is the team, the commonality of views and values, our corporate unity. A team in which everyone — both students and faculty — grows professionally every day, and everyone strives to awaken their potential and become the best version of themselves," notes Marina Arkannikova. «During the previous two years, we successfully tested regional and city special projects, and this year we entered the federal level, having organized the work of ‘Scientific media journalism’ nomination of the National Technological Olympiad.

Graduate School of Media and Public Relations is in the top 5 of the best departments

Development of social and reputational capital of Polytechnic University educational brand, formation of creative learning and project environment is demonstrated by the flagship projects of the Higher School of Media and Public Relations, including: annual regional award of the open all-Russian competition in advertising and public relations and media technologies «Crystal Orange» — North-West; «School of Communications in Power Engineering» together with TGK-1; annual all-Russian conference with international participation named «Engineers of meanings in the new realities»; Student expert examination of the title professional competitions in the field of communications («Silver Archer», «Corporate Calendar», «Corporate Museum», «Russian Event Awards»).

In 2021, the Center for Sociological Research and Digital Communications and the MediaCom Design and Training Laboratory, which provide educational, design, expert, and consulting services that meet the modern demands of the global communications industry, began their work for the first time at the Graduate School. Thus, one of the striking examples of the Center’s project activities this month was a research project of students and professors, dedicated to the study of the publicity capital of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great.

In the new academic year, the development plans include not only expanding the line of special projects, but also creating interesting additional educational programs and a new master’s program that meets modern trends in higher education — «Arts and Humanities», which will open an enrollment in September 2023.

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The Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR), the leading and largest professional association of more than 200 participants in the Russian communications services market, has been ranking educational units that train specialists in advertising and related specialties since 2018. The ranking is formed on the basis of five weighting factors: teaching staff, organization of educational activities, teaching and methodological work, research activities and interaction with the industry.

The material was prepared by the Graduate School of Media and Public Relations of the Institute of Humanities

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