International Campus of SPbPU wins the ‘The Best Innovative Project’ nomination

23 May 2017 Achievements 1865

As part of the 6th Annual International Universities Networking Conference IUNC Eurasia 2017, an award ceremony took place to honor the winners in the nomination “Internationalization of Higher Education”. The International Office of the Polytechnic university presented the project named “International campus: navigation system and information space organization for the benefit of the international student population” that came out on top with the ‘The Best Innovative Project’ nomination.

International Campus of SPbPU wins the ‘The Best Innovative Project’ nomination

The expert commission fully appreciated the complexity of the project, which principle goals were development and creation of the accessible and understandable bilingual navigation system, international campus interior rebranding, creation of a comfortable environment for international students with a free access to the useful information provided in two languages, design and launch of the advertising and information service (printed and video materials), information center upgrading.

International Campus of SPbPU wins the ‘The Best Innovative Project’ nomination

From now on the structure of the international campus unified information space will be composed of five key sectors: the information office, advertising center, international student admission office, expert center for credential evaluation and visa office.

Аппарат с автоматизированной системой управления очередью с интерфейсом на трех языках оптимизирует потоки поступающих иностранных студентов

The advertising center provides all sorts of information regarding the university and the programs offered, as well as the opportunity to have presentations, seminars, networking meetings, and negotiations. The work of the information center is managed by interns, the queue management ticketing system displays information in three languages – Russian, English and Chinese. There are three LCD panels on the third floor displaying the ticket number called. The queue management system helps reduce queue lengths. There are study areas in the student lounge with a larger number of sockets and free wi-fi.

Система навигации представила собой комплекс настенных и навесных конструкций, навигационных стел, информационных табличек и указателей
 В международном кампусе в местах концентрирования иностранных студентов размещены информационные плакаты

On the second and third floors of the international campus, most frequent by students, you will find LCD panels and posters, statistics for the university, information on the areas of study and programs offered, partnership information, campus infrastructure, admission requirements, student opportunities, and other information. Hinged flat-screen TVs play a video sequence made up of information and image videos about institutes, degree programs and Summer school modules, students and visiting teachers testimonials, announcements of the upcoming events.

The navigation system has included the full information on the university structure available in two languages. It was presented as a complex of hinged constructions, information steles, banners and signs which help visitors navigate around the campus.

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