The Polytechnic University prepares the best Russian specialists in Engineering

4 December 2015 Achievements 719

On December 3 President of Russia V. V. Putin claimed a growing interest of young people in engineering occupations, which are professions of the Future, in his Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly. The competition for the admission to Engineering Universities has almost doubled for the recent two years. In his Address to the Federal Assembly Putin also noted the development of professional competitions for engineering skills. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University as the best Engineering University in Russia confirms its high position by achievements of the faculty and students who participated in specialized competitions and conferences . This is exemplified by the victory of the 4-year undergraduate student from SPbPU's Institute of Civil Engineering Askar Aznabaeva in the All-Russian Engineering Competition for the profile "Engineering and construction technologies".

The Polytechnic University prepares the best Russian specialists in Engineering

The All-Russian Engineering Competition is a system of annual competitions between professionals, which are conducted by the international standard's technique, in order to identify the best under-graduates and post-graduates in engineering. This year the list of applications consisted of more than 1000 participants from 170 Universities of the country. The experts selected about 127 applications for 20 educational profiles to take part in Face to Face competitions , which were held in Lomonosov Moscow State University.

It is pleasant to state that out of five participants from St. Petersburg, who were selected with their projects, two participants are students of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

The Polytechnic University prepares the best Russian specialists in Engineeringа

The only one who was able to win this well-respected competition was Askar Aznabaev, student of the department of Civil Engineering and Applied Ecology from SPbPU's Institute of Civil Engineering. This student was highly assessed for his individual project which was called «Development of constructive components and elements of composite armature for energy-efficient greenhouse complexes optimized for using in Russia». Despite the complicated title of this project, it provides a real solution to the crucial problem.

Askar Aznabaev explained: "Nowadays only a quarter of fruit and vegetables, which are consumed by Russians in winter, are grown in our country. Other three-quarters are imported, which explains high prices for fruit and vegetables. The fact is that the total area of greenhouse complexes in Russia has decreased by 2.5 times over the past 30 years". Due to high energy consumption of greenhouse complexes, Russian investors don't want to invest their money in the construction of greenhouses, because of the payback period for such projects is about 7-8 years. Therefore, development of low power consumption in greenhouses has become a major task of the student's research.

The project which is presented in the All-Russian Engineering Competition is the first experience of public presentation of the research. "Winning this competition may be reagarded as a proof of relevance and significance of the problem, which I touched upon in my work. I am sure that such interdisciplinary projects, which cover the fields of food sovereignty and security, agriculture, construction and power engineering, will help unite forces of students in different majors and knowledge areas, "- said Askar.

We congratulate Askar Aznabaev on winning the competition and wish him new engineering discoveries!

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