SPbPU leads among Russian universities in the RAEX-2020 subject coverage ranking

2 December 2020 Achievements 881

RAEX Rating Agency for the first time published a series of subject rankings - 10 lists of leading universities in various areas of training. The list of assessed areas includes: mathematics, physics and astronomy, information technology, engineering and technology, mechanical engineering and robotics, construction and architecture, medicine, economics and management, agriculture, humanities. The position of universities in subject rankings was influenced by three factors - the level of applicants, scientific publications, as well as the assessment of universities in reputational surveys. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has become the best university in terms of subject coverage: SPbPU is represented in eight ratings at once.

Polytech is a leader among Russian universities in entering the subject rankings of RAEX -2020

“Increased attention to subject rankings is an actual world trend in university rankings,” commented Dmitry GRISHANKOV, CEO of RAEX Rating Agency (RAEX-Analytics). “We hope that applicants and their parents will appreciate the lists of leading universities in specific fields. Our line of rankings in the areas of training is a powerful support for making the decision to choose a university.”

Polytechnic University is represented in eight subject areas: physics and astronomy (top-6), engineering and robotics (top-5), engineering and technology (top-7), construction and architecture (top-4), information technology (top-9), mathematics (top-11), economics and management (top-11), humanities (top-8).

Among the leaders of the general offset are MSU and UFU (entering into seven subject areas) and St. Petersburg State University, MIFI Research Institute, NSU and TSU (representation in six rankings).

“The leadership of SPbPU in the representation in subject areas among Russian universities is due to the fact that our university has a large number of points of growth for the development of interdisciplinary research due to its ‘polytechnical character’,” emphasizes the head of the Department of Strategic Planning and Development Programs of St. Petersburg State University Maria VRUBLEVSKAYA. “Besides, a present-day engineer is, first of all, a specialist capable of solving complex tasks in complex spheres, understanding the inseparability of economic and humanitarian components in any technological process".

For reference:

Expert RA (RAEX) is the largest international rating agency in Russia with a 19-year history. Expert RA is a leader in the field of rating, as well as research and communication activities. To date, the agency has assigned more than 700 individual rankings. This is the 1st place and about 42% of the total number of assigned rankings in Russia, the 1st place by the number of rankings of banks, insurance and leasing companies, NPFs, microfinance organizations, guarantee funds and non-financial sector companies. RAEX is the first organization in Russia and the fourth in the world whose university rankings have been successfully audited by IREG Observatory, the most influential association of compilers and consumers of educational rankings. 

Prepared by the SPbPU Public Relations Office and SPbPU Office of Strategic Planning and Development Programs

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