Polytechnic University is in the top 8 of the best universities in Russia in RAEX ranking

8 June 2022 Achievements 431

Today the RAEX (RAEX-Analytics) ranking agency has published a ranking of the top 100 universities in Russia. Polytechnic has taken eighth place, improving last year’s figure by one point. The advance is largely due to the increased demand for the university among applicants.

According to the results of the RAEX study, Russian universities have made the greatest progress in recent years in research activities. Despite the high competition, Polytechnic University ranks 7th in this area.

The geopolitical situation presented the Russian technological community with both difficulties and opportunities, as it usually happens during crises. Universities also need to adapt to new realities, react quickly to external circumstances, and restructure their work. This is not the first year we have tried to develop import substitution problems, and our efforts have already borne fruit — SPbPU is the only university that received the First National Award «Import Independence,» thanks to the platform for developing digital twins for high-tech industrial products. And as part of the Priority 2030 program, we strive to create technological products that are not only focused on domestic consumption, but also noticeable on the global market," says Rector of SPbPU Andrei Rudskoi.

Representatives of universities united today at the annual forum «The Future of Higher Education» and discussed the results of the ranking and further vector of university development in the current geopolitical situation. Maria Vrublevskaya, Head of the Strategic Planning and Development Programs Department of SPbPU, made a presentation about the role of engineering university in import substitution in the conditions of mobilization economy. The speaker shared with the audience successful cases of Polytechnic University, such as: transition to Russian software for modeling logistics solutions, creation of unmanned civil crawler platform Spirit Pi, development of SaaS system which allows embedding in any software, and prototyping traction batteries for customers’ needs.

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Universities were ranked in such areas as conditions for quality education, the level of demand for graduates by employers and the level of research activities of the university.

When preparing ranking statistical indicators, as well as the results of polls, more than 85 thousand respondents: representatives of academic and scientific circles, students and graduates and employers were used. This year 206 universities participated in the survey.

Prepared by the SPbPU Department of Strategic Planning and Development Programs

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