SPbPU entered the 15 subject rankings of the “Three University Missions” family

7 April 2022 Achievements 88

On March 30, RAEX rating agency for the first time published its new subject ranking of Russian universities in the «Three University Missions» family, consisting of 29 main subjects. SPbPU entered 15 of this list, half of which relate to engineering and technical fields, thus not only confirming its status as a polytechnic university, but also demonstrating its multi-disciplinarity.

In all subjects in which Polytechnic University is represented, our university is confidently ranked among the top 15 universities in the country. Polytechnic University also ranked among the top 5 universities in four subjects: «Mechanical Engineering and Robotics,» «Construction,» «Nuclear Physics» and «Energy.»

Polytechnic University trains specialists in a wide range of engineering, social, humanities and natural sciences. Today the university has 12 institutes offering many relevant and in-demand areas of training, where everyone can find something suitable for themselves and implement their potential. It’s great that we show high potential not only in engineering, but also in economics, management, and biotechnology. Even our humanities students are superior to some of the major universities. The high score, which allowed us to be in the top 3 in Mechanical and Robotics and Civil Engineering, is confirmed by numerous victories of our student teams in competitions, contests and championships, which proves the high level of preparation by the profile institutes, Rector of SPbPU, RAS Academician Andrei Rudskoi.

For reference

Subject rankings are based on the evaluation of three university missions — educational, scientific and social. Statistical data of the Russian Ministry of education and science, bibliometric data providers Clarivate Analytics and Scopus, organizers of student contests «I am a professional», media monitoring and analysis system SCAN-Interfax, online course aggregators, Alexa web analytics platform and social networks were analyzed when preparing subject rankings. In order for a university to be included in the short-list for a particular direction, two conditions must be met: first, the university must enroll students in the first year, and second, the number of students enrolled in all courses in the direction in question must not be below the threshold established in the range from 100 to 200 people, depending on the subject area. A total of 29 published rankings included 136 universities from 41 regions of Russia. Compilers of the rating promise that the range of ratings will be expanded to 60.

Prepared by the Department of Strategic Planning and Development Programs of SPbPU

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