SPbPU in the top 5 in ten areas in the RAEX subject ranking

23 May 2024 Achievements 179

For the third time RAEX Agency has published subject rankings of Russian universities. This year the number of evaluated areas has increased to 36. Polytechnic is represented in 21 subject areas. In total, 170 universities from 43 regions of Russia were included in the lists of the best. SPbPU has the greatest success in the field of «Construction», where our university took first place. In the areas of «Mechanical Engineering and Robotics» and «Land Transportation Engineering and Technologies» — second. In the areas of Power Engineering, Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Physics and Technology, Materials Technology, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Environmental Science, Electronics, Radio Engineering and Communication Systems, Polytechnic was among the top five universities in Russia.

SPbPU in the top 5 in ten areas in the RAEX subject ranking

Polytechnic University is not lagging behind in economic and humanitarian fields: management (7th place), linguistics and foreign languages (10th place), political science and international relations (11th place) have high positions.

This year, SPbPU was also ranked for the first time and immediately received worthy positions in pedagogical education (5th place), hospitality industry (6th place), state and municipal administration (8th place).

Subject rankings of Russian universities are based on the assessment of three missions of the university — educational, scientific and social. The rankings answer the question: which universities provide the best educational and scientific training of students in a particular subject area, taking into account the university’s contribution to social development?

When compiling the subject rankings, statistical data from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, bibliometric data providers Clarivate Analytics and Scopus, organizers of student competitions «I am a Professional», the system of monitoring and analysis of media and social media Scan-Interfax, online course aggregators, web analytics platform Alexa, as well as social networks were analyzed.

In order to be included in the short-list for a particular direction, two conditions must be met. The first is that the university must enroll students in the 1st year, and the second is that the number of students enrolled in all courses in the field under consideration must be no lower than the threshold value set in the range from 100 to 200 people, depending on the subject area.

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