SPbPU is in the TOP 10 in the country in three subject areas in the Expert rating

8 May 2024 Achievements 112

The results of the ranking of the Expert analytical center have been announced. This year SPbPU improved results in 11 subject areas: management, economics, materials science, energy, chemical technology, computer science, ecology, mathematics, social sciences, fuel, metallurgy. The university also entered the new ranking in the field of computer vision. In total, SPbPU is represented in 15 subject areas out of 17 evaluated and in six subject sections (narrow demanded areas) out of eight, respectively.

SPbPU ranked among the top 10 Russian universities in three subject areas in the Expert Center rating

SPbPU achieved the best result in metallurgy, ranking seventh. In the field of materials science, economics and social sciences, Polytechnic University entered the top ten universities in the country. There was also a big breakthrough in management (up eight positions), environmental science (plus six positions), computer science (plus four positions), mathematics (plus three positions) and energy (plus two positions).

The Expert analytical center has been conducting a study of the publication activity of Russian universities since 2016. The ranking evaluates universities based on the indicators of scientific productivity in subject areas for the previous four years, relying on publications in the Scopus database. The calculation methodology is based on four semantic blocks:

  • «Demand/quality» (the level of citation of the university in the field)
  • «Scale and sustainability of activity» (the share of HEI’s publications in the total volume of publications in the country and the Hirsch index of researchers)
  • «Quality of growth» (quality of citations, absence of unfair scientific practices)
  • «Excellence» (representation among the best publications in international databases).

A total of 152 universities were analyzed by experts in this year’s subject rankings. You can learn more about the results and methodology of the ranking on the website of AC Expert.

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