SPbPU soared into the top 50 universities in emerging economies

10 March 2021 Achievements 964

Polytechnic University has risen to 35th place in THE Emerging Economies University Rankings, which include universities from BRICS countries, Eastern Europe, and other developing countries. SPbPU has become one of the leaders in terms of speed of movement among the top 100 universities, rising 37 places in a year and becoming the fifth in Russia.

SPbPU soared into the top 50 universities in emerging economies

The university is ranked highest in terms of income from industrial activity, the impact of research (this criterion has made the largest jump since 2020), and the share of international students. Polytechnic University’s scores from income from industrial activity are higher than the average scores of universities in the top 25% for this indicator. Polytechnic University also showed a positive trend in the ranking by supporting the participation of Polytechnic researchers at international conferences, thereby stimulating publication activity.

“The methodology of this ranking puts those universities, which develop research activities and systematically work in the field of development and new technologies in close connection with industry, on the front line. Our St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has shown decent growth not only in terms of scientific productivity and research impact but also in terms of the contribution of industrial and innovative activities. This is evidenced by the prototype of the KAMA-1 electric vehicle developed by the Polytechnic together with our partner PAO KAMAZ and presented to the global community, which was successfully tested in various operating conditions,” commented Rector of SPbPU, Academician of RAS Andrey RUDSKOI.

Our university has shown high scores and competitiveness in terms of internationalization criteria: SPbPU is attractive to foreign students and continues to increase the number of foreign faculty members. Maria Vrublevskaya, Head of Strategic Planning and Development Programs at SPbPU, notes: “Polytechnic University confidently holds a high position year after year in terms of international interaction, significantly exceeding the global median for this indicator, which confirms the high status of our university as a world-class research center.”

THE Emerging Economies University Rankings are compiled by the British publication Times Higher Education. The rankings include universities only in countries classified as emerging economies based on FTSE data. A total of 606 universities from 43 countries are represented in the ranking. Russian universities have significantly strengthened their positions this year: the rating includes 48 higher educational institutions of our country, in comparison with 35 last year.

THE Emerging Economies University Rankings use the same 13 indicators as the global rankings, also grouped into five categories:

  1. Teaching (learning environment)
  2. Research (volume, income, and reputation)
  3. Citations (impact of research)
  4. International interactions (staff, students, and research)
  5. Income from productive activities (innovation, knowledge transfer). 

The weights of these indicators have been changed in order to take into account the specifics of developing countries considered in the ranking.

Prepared by the SPbPU Department of Strategic Planning and Development Programs

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