Polytech team among top winners of the National Contest “Preactum Cup”

12 May 2017 Achievements 1147

The most significant event of the spring, the International Forum “Preactum” dedicated to entrepreneurship development took place in Moscow in the end of April. It was initiated and funded by the “Rybakov foundation”.

Polytech team among top winners of the National Contest  Preactum Cup

The forum hosted around 1500 people from 30 Russian cities and 7 overseas countries, 60% of whom were degree students, 25 % - fledging young businessmen, 15% - successful businessmen, HR-managers of large companies and university staff who got together for three days of master-classes, investment advice sessions and motivating speeches from renowned director of “Young Professionals” of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives Mr. D.N. Peskov, co-founder of “TechnoNICOL” Mr. I.V. Rybakov, director for information technologies for Mail.ru Group Mr. A.A. Gorny, general director and founder of KupiVIP.ru Mr. O.R. Hartmann, founder of “Mitrofanov & Partners” Mr. S.E. Mitrofanov, and others. The forum schedule included round tables where representatives of different business areas shared their opinion on youth employment, corporate social responsibility, new version of “University 4.0”, etc.

The highlight of the forum was the finals of the National Universities Entrepreneurial Team competition “Preactum Cup”. 24 teams representing different universities who had previously made it through the eliminations in six federal districts of the Russian Federation showcased their projects striving to get 1 million rubles in financial support from the “Rybakov Foundation”.

Polytech team among top winners of the National Contest  Preactum Cup

The Polytech team was successful at the regional stage of the competition and won the right to represent the university in Moscow. By the end of the second competition day there were only 4 teams left standing out of 24. In the final round the Polytech team struggled with Moscow Physics and Technology Institute, Tomsk Polytechnic university, SFedU Engineering and Technology Academy. The polytechnics came third.

The Polytech projects won the praise of the jury and experts. The students availed themselves of the opportunity to exchange contact details with top business managers hoping the brief acquaintance would grow into a long-term cooperation. The “Sticky Lens” project earned the personal acclamation of the founder of “Rybakov Foundation” Mr. I.V. Rybakov, who assured the students of the future assistance to the project.

Polytech team among top winners of the National Contest  Preactum Cup

The next “Preactum Cup” is expected to start out in September 2017. If you wish to take part, please, contact the Polytech Business club at evgenijmutin@gmail.com.

For your information:

“Preactum” is the community uniting students, education and business leaders for the purpose of developing social entrepreneurship. The community was started by the “Institute of accelerated economic growth” foundation (Rybakov foundation).

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